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Sunshine Act Meeting

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Start Preamble May 18, 2005.

The following notice of meeting is published pursuant to section 3(a) of the government in the Sunshine Act (Pub. L. 94-409), 5 U.S.C 552b:

Agency Holding Meeting:

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Energy.

Date and Time:

May 25, 2005, 10 a.m.


Room 2C, 888 First Street, NE., Washington DC 20426.



Matters To Be Considered:

Agenda. * Note—Items listed on the agenda may be deleted without further notice.

Contact Person For More Information:

Magalie R. Salas, Secretary, Telephone (202) 502-8400. For a recorded listing items stricken from or added to the meeting, call (202) 502-8627.

This is a list of matters to be considered by the Commission. It does not include a listing of all papers relevant to the items on the agenda; however, all public documents may be examined in the Public Reference Room.


Item No.Docket No.Company
Administrative Agenda
A-1AD02-1-000Agency Administrative Matters.
A-2AD02-7-000Customer Matters, Reliability, Security and Market Operations.
Markets, Tariffs, and Rates—Electric
E-1RM05-4-000Interconnections for Wind Energy
E-2RM05-16-000Generator Run Status Information.
E-3RM05-17-000Information Requirements for Available Transfer Capability.
E-4RM04-12-000Accounting and Financial Reporting for Public Utilities Including RTOs.
E-5PL05-1-000Market Monitoring Units in Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators.
E-6PL03-1-000Pricing Policy for Efficient Operation and Expansion of Transmission Grid.
E-10ER05-754-000ISO New England Inc., New England Transmission; Owners: Boston Hydro-Electric Company, Boston Edison Company, Cambridge Electric Light Company, Commonwealth Electric Company, Central Maine Power Company, Central Vermont Public Service Corporation, Green Mountain Power Corporation, New England Power Company, Northeast Utilities Service Company, The United Illuminating Company, and Vermont Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Asset Owners in the United States portion of the Hydro-Quebec High Voltage Direct Current Transmission Facilities: New England Electric Transmission Corporation, Vermont Electric Transmission Company, New England Hydro-Transmission Electric Company, Inc and New England Hydro-Transmission Corporation.
E-11ER05-741-000Public Service Company of New Mexico.
E-12ER05-742-000Cambridge Electric Light Company and Commonwealth Electric Company.
E-13ER05-763-000, ER04-1209-000, EL05-29-000, ER05-410-000Southern California Edison Company.
E-14ER05-794-000, ER05-809-000Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.
E-15ER05-802-000Midwest Independent Transmission System, Operator, Inc.
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E-16ER05-797-000Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.
E-17ER05-816-000CES Marketing VI, LLC.
ER05-817-000CES Marketing VII, LLC.
ER05-818-000CES Marketing VIII, LLC.
ER05-819-000CES Marketing IX, LLC.
ER05-820-000CES Marketing X, LLC.
ER01-480-003, ER01-480-004Mobile Energy, LLC.
ER01-915-002, ER01-915-003CPN Pleasant Hill, LLC.
E-18ER05-725-000, ER05-725-001Deephaven RV Sub Fund Ltd.
E-19ER98-2329-003, ER98-2329-004, ER98-2329-005Central Vermont Public Service Corporation.
E-21ER04-156-006Allegheny Power System Operating Companies: Monongahela Power Company, Potomac Edison Company, and West Penn Power Company, all d/b/a Allegheny Power.
PHI Operating Companies: Potomac Electric Power Company, Delmarva Power & Light Company, and Atlantic City Electric Company; Baltimore Gas and Electric Company; Jersey Central Power & Light Company; Metropolitan Edison Company; PECO Energy Company; Pennsylvania Electric Company; PPL Electric Utilities Corporation; Public Service Electric and Gas Company; Rockland Electric Company; and UGI Utilities, Inc.
ER05-513-000PJM Interconnection L.L.C.
ER05-515-000Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, and PEPCO Holdings Inc. operating affiliates: Potomac Electric Power Company, Delmarva Power & Light Company and Atlantic City Electric Company.
E-23ER04-691-034, ER04-691-035, EL04-104-032, EL04-104-033Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.
E-24ER04-691-029Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.
EL04-104-028Public Utilities With Grandfathered Agreements in Midwest ISO Region.
E-25ER01-205-007, ER01-205-005, ER01-205-004Xcel Energy Services, Inc.
ER98-2640-005, ER98-2640-004Northern States Power Company and Northern States Power Company (Wisconsin).
ER98-4590-003, ER98-4590-002Public Service Company of Colorado.
ER99-1610-010, ER99-1610-009, ER99-1610-008Southwestern Public Service Company and New Century Services, Inc.
E-26ER01-1527-004, ER01-1527-005, ER01-1527-006Sierra Pacific Power Company.
ER01-1529-004, ER01-1529-005, ER01-1529-006Nevada Power Company.
E-27ER01-2537-001CalPeak Power—Midway LLC.
ER01-2543-001CalPeak Power—Panoche LLC.
ER01-2544-001CalPeak Power—Vaca Dixon LLC.
ER01-2545-001CalPeak Power—El Cajon LLC.
ER01-2546-001CalPeak Power—Enterprise LLC.
ER01-2547-001CalPeak Power—Border LLC.
E-28ER04-1248-002Union Light, Heat and Power Company and Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company.
E-29ER02-388-003HC Power Marketing LLC.
E-30ER04-829-004, ER04-829-005PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. and Virginia Electric and Power Company.
E-31ER97-851-012, ER97-851-013, ER97-851-015H.Q. Energy Services (U.S.) Inc.
E-32ER97-4345-015, ER97-4345-014, ER97-4345-016OGE Energy Resources, Inc.
ER98-511-003, ER98-511-002, ER98-511-004Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company.
E-34ER99-3855-003Cleco Power LLC.
ER99-2300-005, ER99-2300-004Cleco Marketing & Trading LLC.
ER99-2928-002, ER99-2928-001Cleco Evangeline LLC.
ER01-1397-003, ER01-1397-002Perryville Energy Partners, L.L.C.
ER02-1406-005, ER02-1406-004, ER02-1406-001Acadia Power Partners, LLC.
ER01-2887-003South Point Energy Center, LLC.
ER99-2858-005, ER99-2858-003, ER99-2858-002MEP Pleasant Hill, LLC.
ER01-2688-005Gilroy Energy Center, LLC.
ER99-3855-002Cleco Power LLC.
E-35ER99-2541-005, ER99-2541-006Carthage Energy, LLC.
ER97-3556-012, ER97-3556-013, ER97-3556-014Energetix, Inc.
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ER99-221-007, ER99-221-009New York State Electric & Gas Corporation.
ER99-220-010, ER99-220-011NYSEG Solutions, Inc.
ER97-3553-002, ER97-3553-001, ER97-3553-003Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation.
ER01-1764-002, ER01-1764-003,
ER00-262-004, ER00-262-005PEI Power II, LLC. South Glens Falls Energy, LLC.
ER05-731-000Central Maine Power Company.
E-37ER04-834-001, ER00-1737-004, ER00-1737-005, ER00-1737-006, ER00-2839-002Virginia Electric and Power Company.
ER02-24-002, ER02-24-004, ER02-24-005Armstrong Energy Limited Partnership, LLLP.
ER01-468-001, ER01-468-003Dominion Energy Marketing, Inc.
ER00-3621-002, ER00-3621-004Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, Inc.
ER00-3620-002, ER00-3620-003Dominion Nuclear Marketing I, Inc.
ER00-3619-002, ER00-3619-003Dominion Nuclear Marketing II, Inc.
ER00-3746-003, ER00-3746-005, ER00-3746-006Dominion Nuclear Marketing III, L.L.C.
ER02-22-002, ER02-22-004Dresden Energy, LLC.
ER99-1695-002, ER99-1695-004, ER99-1695-005Elwood Energy, LLC.
ER02-23-002, ER02-23-006Fairless Hills Energy, LLC.
ER99-1432-002, ER99-1432-005, ER99-1432-006Kincaid Generation, L.L.C.
ER02-26-002, ER02-26-004Pleasants Energy, LLC.
ER96-2869-005, ER96-2869-007, ER96-2869-008State Line Energy, L.L.C.
ER02-25-002, ER02-25-004Troy Energy, LLC.
E-39ER97-3359-003, ER97-3359-005, ER97-3359-006, ER97-3359-007, ER97-3359-008Florida Power & Light Company.
ER02-2559-001, ER02-2559-002, ER02-2559-003, ER02-2559-004Backbone Mountain Windpower LLC.
ER01-1071-002, ER01-1071-003, ER01-1071-004, ER01-1071-005Badger Windpower, LLC.
ER02-669-002, ER02-669-004Bayswater Peaking Facility, LLC.
ER02-2018-004, ER02-2018-002Blythe Energy, LLC.
ER01-2074-002. ER01-2074-003, ER01-2074-004, ER01-2074-005Calhoun Power Company I, LLC.
ER90-80-001, ER90-80-002, ER90-80-003, ER00-2391-004Doswell Limited Partnership.
ER98-2494-006, ER98-2494-004, ER98-2494-007ESI Vansycle Partners, L.P.
ER00-3068-002, ER00-3068-003, ER00-3068-004, ER00-3068-005FPL Energy Cape, LLC.
ER03-34-001, ER03-34-002, ER03-34-003, ER03-34-004FPL Energy Hancock County Wind, LLC.
ER98-3511-006, ER98-3511-007, ER98-3511-008, ER98-3511-009FPL Energy Maine Hydro, Inc.
ER02-1903-003, ER02-1903-001FPL Energy Marcus Hook, LP.
ER98-3562-006, ER98-3562-007, ER98-3562-008FPL Energy Mason, LLC.
ER99-2917-003, ER99-2917-004, ER99-2917-005, ER99-2917-007FPL Energy MH 50, L.P.
ER03-179-004, ER03-179-002FPL New Mexico Wind, LLC.
ER02-2166-001, ER02-2166-003, ER02-2166-004FPL Pennsylvania Windfarms, Inc.
ER98-3566-009, ER98-3566-010, ER98-3566-011, ER98-3566-012FPL Energy Power Marketing, Inc.
ER02-2120-002FPL Energy Rhode Island State Energy, L.P.
ER02-1838-003, ER02-1838-001FPL Energy Seabrook, LLC.
ER01-838-002, ER01-838-003, ER01-838-004, ER01-838-005FPL Energy Vansycle, LLC.
ER98-3563-006, ER98-3563-007, ER98-3563-008, ER98-3563-009FPL Energy Wyman, LLC.
ER98-3564-006, ER98-3564-007, ER98-3564-008, ER98-3564-009FPL Energy Wyman IV, LLC.
ER01-1972-002, ER01-1972-003, ER01-1972-004, ER01-1972-005Gray County Wind Energy, LLC.
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ER98-2076-006, ER98-2076-005, ER98-2076-007, ER98-2076-008Hawkeye Power Partners, LLC.
ER03-155-003, ER03-155-001High Winds, LLC.
ER03-623-003, ER03-623-004, ER03-623-005Jamaica Bay Peaking Facility, LLC.
ER98-4222-001, ER98-4222-002, ER98-4222-004Lake Benton Power Partners II, LLC.
ER01-1710-003, ER01-1710-002, ER01-1710-005Mill Run Windpower, LLC.
ER01-2139-004, ER01-2139-003, ER01-2139-006Somerset Windpower, LLC.
ER98-1965-003, ER98-1965-002, ER98-1965-005West Texas Wind Energy Partners, LP.
E-40ER96-1361-007, ER96-1361-008Atlantic City Electric Company.
ER98-4138-003, ER98-4138-004Potomac Electric Power Company.
ER99-2781-005, ER99-2781-006, ER99-2781-002Delmarva Power & Light Company.
ER98-3096-009, ER98-3096-008, ER98-3096-010PEPCO Energy Services, Inc.
ER01-202-002, ER01-202-003, ER01-202-001Potomac Power Resources, Inc.
ER00-1770-008, ER00-1770-009, ER00-1770-004Conectiv Energy Supply, Inc., Conectiv Atlantic Generation, LLC and Conectiv Delmarva Generation, Inc.
ER02-453-004, ER02-453-005Conectiv Bethlehem, LLC.
ER04-472-001, ER04-472-002Fauquier Landfill Gas, LLC.
ER04-529-001, ER04-529-002Rolling Hills Landfill Gas, LLC.
E-41ER01-1265-002, ER01-1265-004, ER01-1265-005Mirant Americas Energy Marketing, LP.
ER01-1263-002, ER01-1263-003, ER01-1263-004, ER01-1263-005Mirant Zeeland, LLC.
ER01-1266-002, ER01-1266-004, ER01-1266-005Mirant Bowline, LLC.
ER01-1267-002, ER01-1267-003, ER01-1267-004, ER01-1267-005, ER01-1267-006Mirant California, LLC.
ER01-1268-003, ER01-1268-005, ER01-1268-006Mirant Canal, LLC.
ER01-1269-002, ER01-1269-003, ER01-1269-004, ER01-1269-005Mirant Chalk Point, LLC.
ER01-1270-002, ER01-1270-003, ER01-1270-004, ER01-1270-005, ER01-1270-006Mirant Delta, LLC.
ER01-1271-003, ER01-1271-005, ER01-1271-006Mirant Kendall, LLC.
ER01-1272-002, ER01-1272-004, ER01-1272-005Mirant Lovett, LLC.
ER01-1273-002, ER01-1273-003, ER01-1273-004, ER01-1273-005Mirant Mid-Atlantic, LLC.
ER01-1274-003, ER01-1274-005, ER01-1274-006Mirant New England, LLC.
ER01-1275-002, ER01-1275-004, ER01-1275-005Mirant NY-Gen, LLC.
ER01-1276-002, ER01-1276-003, ER01-1276-004, ER01-1276-005Mirant Peaker, LLC.
ER01-1277-002, ER01-1277-003, ER01-1277-004, ER01-1277-005Mirant Potomac River, LLC.
ER01-1278-002, ER01-1278-003, ER01-1278-004, ER01-1278-005, ER01-1278-006Mirant Potrero, LLC.
ER02-537-002, ER02-537-004, ER02-537-005Shady Hill Power Co., LLC.
ER02-900-001, ER02-900-003, ER02-900-004Mirant Sugar Creek, LLC.
ER02-1028-001, ER02-1028-003, ER02-1028-004Wrightsville Power Facility, LLC.
ER02-1052-001, ER02-1052-003, ER02-1052-004West Georgia Generating Co., LLC.
ER02-1213-001, ER02-1213-003, ER02-1213-004Mirant Energy Trading, LLC.
ER02-1331-002, ER02-1331-004, ER02-1331-006Mirant Oregon, LLC.
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ER03-160-001, ER02-900-003, ER02-900-004Mirant Las Vegas, LLC.
E-43ID-4187-000Corbin A. McNeill, Jr.
E-44PA04-10-000, PA04-12-000Florida Power Corporation, Carolina Power & Light Company.
E-45RM05-13-000Electronic Filing of Interlocking Positions and Twenty Largest Purchasers Information.
E-46RM05-15-000Modifications of Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Trust Fund Guidelines.
E-47RM05-11-000Electronic Filing of the Application for Authorization for the Issuance of Securities or the Assumption of Liabilities.
E-48EL05-69-000, EL05-69-001, EL05-69-002, QF93-126-004, QF93-126-005, QF93-126-006, QF93-126-007Birchwood Power Partners, L.P.
E-49EL05-79-000, ER05-723-000, ER05-723-001TransCanada Power (Castleton) LLC.
E-50EL04-84-000Entergy Services, Inc.
E-51EL05-56-000Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control v. Bangor-Hydro Electric Company, Central Maine Power Company, NSTAR Electric & Gas Corporation on behalf of its affiliates: Boston Edison Company, Commonwealth Electric Company, Cambridge Electric Light Company and Canal Electric Company.
New England Power Company, Northeast Utilities Service Company on behalf of its operating company affiliates: Connecticut Light and Power Company, Western Massachusetts Electric Company, Public Service Company of New Hampshire, Holyoke Power and Electric Company and Holyoke Water Power Company, The United Illuminating Company, Vermont Electric Power Company, Central Vermont Public Service Corporation, Green Mountain Power Corporation and Florida Power & Light Company-New England Division.
E-52EL05-89-000Maine Public Utilities Commission v. Central Maine Power Company and Bangor Hydro-Electric Company.
E-54EL05-85-000Adrian Energy Associates, LLC, Cadillac Renewable Energy, LLC, Genesee Power Station LP, Grayling Generating Station, LP, Hillman Power Company, LLC, T.E.S Filer City Station, LP, Viking Energy of Lincoln, Inc. and Viking Energy of McBain, Inc. v. Michigan Public Service Commission, Commissioner J. Peter Lark, Commissioner Robert B. Nelson and Commissioner Laura Chapelle.
E-55ER02-485-004Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.
E-57EL05-109-000Tax Deduction for Manufacturing Activities Under American Jobs Creation Act of 2004.
E-58AC05-17-000Baltimore Gas and Electric Company.
E-59ER03-1247-003, ER03-1247-004, ER03-1247-001, ER03-1247-002Northeast Utilities Service Company.
E-60ER04-898-000, ER04-898-001Virginia Electric and Power Company.
E-61ER00-565-011Pacific Gas and Electric Company.
E-62ER04-152-000Nevada Power Company.
E-63EL05-15-002Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation v. Entergy Arkansas, Inc.
EL04-134-002East Texas Electric Cooperative, Inc. v. Entergy Arkansas, Inc.
E-64ER04-901-000Entergy Services, Inc.
E-65RM04-14-001Reporting Requirement for Changes in Status for Public Utilities With Market-Based Rate Authority.
E-67ER05-69-001Boston Edison Company.
E-68EL05-17-001KeySpan-Ravenswood, LLC v. New York Independent System Operator, Inc.
E-69EL05-58-001ConocoPhillips Company, and Equilon Enterprises LLC dba Shell Oil Products U.S. v. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.
E-70ER05-215-001, ER05-215-002Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.
E-73EL05-57-001Williams Power Company, Inc. v. California Independent Systems Operator Corporation.
E-75ER96-719-002, EL04-106-001, EL04-106-000, ER96-719-003, ER96-719-004MidAmerican Energy Company.
E-76EL02-113-009, EL03-180-009, EL03-154-006El Paso Electric Company, Enron Power Marketing, Inc., and Enron Capital and Trade Resources Corporation, Enron Power Marketing, Inc. and Enron Energy Services, Inc.
E-77ER01-1639-007Pacific Gas and Electric Company.
E-78ER02-2560-004Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company v. East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc.
E-79ER04-609-003, ER04-609-004California Independent System Operator Corporation.
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E-80ER00-2019-015, ER01-819-008, ER03-608-005California Independent System Operator Corporation.
E-81EL03-180-008, EL03-154-005, EL02-115-011Enron Power Marketing, Inc.
E-84ER98-3809-0003E Technologies, Inc.
ER97-2867-000AC Power Corporation.
ER99-2369-000ACES Power Marketing LLC.
ER98-4685-000ACN Power, Inc.
ER00-105-000AI Energy, Inc.
ER03-0770-000AIG Energy, Inc.
ER96-1818-000Alliance Power Marketing, Inc.
ER97-512-000A'Lones Group, Inc.
ER00-861-000Alrus Consulting, LLC.
ER96-1145-000Alternate Power Source, Inc.
ER01-1758-000Altorfer Inc.
ER97-1932-000American Cooperative Services, Inc.
ER97-464-000Amvest Coal Sales, Inc.
ER97-2045-000Amvest Power, Inc.
ER99-2792-000Archer Daniels Midland Company.
ER98-3378-000Astra Power, LLC.
ER97-2132-000Atlantic Energy Technologies, Inc.
ER01-2355-000Beacon Generating, LLC.
ER00-679-000Black River Power, LLC.
ER98-1821-000Bollinger Energy Corporation.
ER97-886-000Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Partners, LP.
ER98-4515-000Cadillac Renewable Energy LLC.
ER98-701-000California Polar Power Broker, L.L.C.
ER01-1701-000Callaway Golf Company.
ER99-1875-000Canadian Niagara Power Company, Ltd.
ER01-2692-000Canastota Windpower, LLC.
ER00-2945-000Candela Energy Corporation.
ER01-2138-000Capital Energy, Inc.
ER01-1183-000Celerity Energy of New Mexico, LLC.
ER01-390-000Chandler Wind Partners, Inc.
ER96-2640-000CHI Power Marketing, Inc.
ER90-225-000Chicago Electric Trading, L.L.C.
ER99-964-000Cielo Power Market, L.P.
ER00-2187-000CMS Distributed Power, L.L.C.
ER97-1968-000Colonial Energy, Inc.
ER90-24-000Commonwealth Atlantic L.P.
ER97-4253-000Commonwealth Energy Corporation.
ER01-1836-000Community Energy, Inc.
ER98-1790-000Competisys LLC.
ER01-2562-000Competitive Energy Services, LLC.
ER03-428-000ConocoPhillips Company.
ER96-1410-000Cook Inlet Energy Supply L.P.
ER01-544-000Cook Inlet Power, LP.
ER96-2624-000Cumberland Power, Inc.
ER01-138-000Delta Person Limited Partnership.
ER01-2071-000Desert Power, L.P.
ER02-1866-000Desert Southwest Power, LLC.
ER94-1161-000Direct Electric Inc.
ER94-1099-000Eclipse Energy, Inc.
ER99-3098-000EGC 1999 Holding Company, L.P.
ER94-1478-000Electrade Corporation.
ER00-3358-000Energy Alternatives, Inc.
ER98-2020-000Energy Clearinghouse Corp.
ER03-1294-000Energy Cooperative of New York, Inc.
ER98-2918-000Energy PM, Inc.
ER96-358-000Energy Resource Management Corp.
ER01-2221-000Energy Transfer-Hanover Ventures, LP.
ER00-874-000Energy West Resources, Inc.
ER96-138-000EnergyOnline, Inc.
ER99-2061-000Enjet, Inc.
ER99-254-000ENMAR Corporation.
ER01-1166-000Enron Sandhill Limited Partnership.
ER96-2964-000Enserco Energy Inc.
ER98-3233-000Environmental Resources Trust, Inc.
ER01-2439-000Equitec Power, LLC.
ER01-666-000EWO Marketing, L.P.
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ER97-382-000Exact Power Co., Inc.
ER00-3039-000Exeter Energy Limited Partnership.
ER96-918-000Federal Energy Sales, Inc.
ER00-1258-000First Electric Cooperative Corporation.
ER97-3580-000First Power, LLC.
ER99-2454-000Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association, Inc.
ER02-687-000FMF Energy, Inc.
ER00-2706-000Foote Creek IV, LLC.
ER96-795-000Gateway Energy Marketing.
ER96-1933-000Gelber Group, Inc.
ER01-1078-000George Colliers, Inc.
ER01-2405-000GNA Energy, LLC.
ER98-4334-000Golden Valley Power Company.
ER99-4324-000Green Mountain Energy Company.
ER98-2535-000Hafslund Energy Trading LLC.
ER01-1760-000Haleywest L.L.C.
ER01-2159-000Hermiston Generating Company, L.P.
ER02-1257-000Hermiston Power Partnership.
ER01-3023-000Hinson Power Company, LLC.
ER01-2129-000Holt Company of Ohio.
ER96-1819-000ICC Energy Corporation.
ER01-2395-000IDACORP Energy, LP.
ER95-802-000IEP Power Marketing, LLC.
ER98-3478-000INFINERGY Services, LLC.
ER00-1519-000InPower Marketing Corporation.
ER94-6-000InterCoast Power Marketing Company.
ER01-688-000IPP Energy LLC.
ER00-2306-000It's Electric & Gas, L.L.C.
ER95-784-000J. Anthony & Associates, Ltd.
ER95-295-000Kaztex Energy Ventures, Inc.
ER95-232-000Kimbal Power Company.
ER03-1259-000Kloco Corporation.
ER95-1018-000Kohler Company.
ER97-2904-000Lake Benton Power Partners, LLC.
ER94-1672-000Lambda Energy Marketing Company.
ER99-3554-000Lone Star Steel Sales Company.
ER02-30-000Longhorn Power, LP.
ER96-1947-000LS Power Marketing, LLC.
ER01-1507-000Lumberton Power, LLC.
ER00-1781-000Marquette Energy, LLC.
ER98-1992-000Medical Area Total Energy Plant, Inc.
ER99-801-000Metro Energy Group, LLC.
ER01-95-000Miami Valley Lighting, Inc.
ER99-1156-000Michigan Gas Exchange, L.L.C.
ER95-78-000Mid-American Resources, Inc.
ER96-2027-000Midwest Energy, Inc.
ER99-3125-000Minergy Neenah, L.L.C.
ER99-1293-000Monmouth Energy, Inc.
ER96-2143-000Monterey Consulting Associates, Inc.
ER01-2509-000Morrow Power, LLC.
ER99-2324-000MPC Generating, LLC.
ER97-610-000Murphy Oil USE, Inc.
ER95-1278-000NAP Trading and Marketing, Inc.
ER95-1374-000National Fuel Resources, Inc.
ER94-1593-000National Power Exchange Corp.
ER95-192-000National Power Management Company.
ER01-352-000National Gas Trading Corporation.
ER98-2618-000Nautilus Energy Company.
ER99-2537-000Navitas, Inc.
ER97-2681-000New Millennium Energy Corp.
ER96-1122-000NFR Power, Inc.
ER96-2892-000NGTS Energy Services.
ER96-2585-000Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.
ER98-1915-000Nine Energy Services, LLC.
ER99-2384-000NJR Energy Services Company.
ER00-795-000Nordic Electric, L.L.C.
ER01-2224-000Nordic Energy Barge 1 & 2, L.L.C.
ER00-774-000Nordic Marketing, L.L.C.
ER94-152-000North American Energy Conservation, Inc.
ER02-245-000North American Energy, L.L.C.
ER97-1716-000North Atlantic Utilities Inc.
ER01-904-000North Carolina Power Holdings, LLC.
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ER98-622-000North Star Power Marketing, LLC.
ER02-41-000North Western Energy Marketing, LLC.
ER98-3048-000Northeast Electricity Inc.
ER98-1125-000Northeast Empire L.P. #2.
ER01-1479-000Northwest Regional Power, LLC.
ER02-845-000Northwestern Wind Power, LLC.
ER99-2774-000NP Energy Inc.
ER02-246-000NSTAR Companies.
ER97-181-000Oceanside Energy, Inc.
ER01-2783-000ODEC Power Trading, Inc.
ER99-2883-000Old Mill Power Company.
ER02-1029-000Oncor Electric Delivery Company.
ER97-18-000P&T Power Company.
ER95-379-000Peak Energy, Inc.
ER03-372-000Peak Power Generating Company.
ER98-3719-000People's Electric Corp.
ER95-430-000Phibro Power LLC.
ER02-417-000Phoenix Wind Power LLC.
ER01-1821-000Power Dynamics, Inc.
ER95-72-000Power Exchange Corporation.
ER99-3275-000Power Management Co., LLC.
ER96-2303-000Power Providers Inc.
ER97-3187-000Power Systems Group, Inc.
ER96-1-000Powertec International, LLC.
ER98-4333-000Primary Power Marketing, L.L.C.
ER01-2463-000Pro-Energy Development, LLC.
ER95-968-000Progas Power Inc.
ER99-4380-000Proliance Energy, L.L.C.
ER99-1876-000PS Energy Group, Inc.
ER96-404-000Questar Energy Trading Company.
ER00-23-000Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative, Inc.
ER02-809-000Renewable Energy Resources LLC.
ER01-2760-000Ridge Crest Wind Partners, LLC.
ER96-1516-000SEMCOR Energy.
ER01-1121-000SF Phosphates Limited Company, LLC.
ER99-2109-000Shell Energy Services Company, LLC.
ER98-2603-000Southwood 2000, Inc.
ER95-362-000Stand Energy Corporation.
ER01-542-000STI Capital Company.
ER98-4643-000Storm Lake Power Partner I, LLC.
ER99-1228-000Storm Lake Power Partners II, LLC.
ER96-3107-000Strategic Energy, LLC.
ER00-167-000Strategic Energy Management Corp.
ER96-2591-000Strategic Power Management, Inc.
ER99-1410-000StratErgy, Inc.
ER97-870-000Sunoco Power Marketing, L.L.C.
ER96-2524-000Symmetry Device Research, Inc.
ER00-1250-000Tacoma Energy Recovery Company.
ER95-581-000Tennessee Power Company.
ER95-1787-000Texaco Natural Gas Inc.
ER97-4185-000Texas-New Mexico Power Co.
ER01-2694-000The Energy Group of America, Inc.
ER99-3571-000The Legacy Energy Group, LLC.
ER96-2241-000Thicksten Grimm Burgum, Inc.
ER02-298-000Thompson River Co-Gen, LLC.
ER01-373-000Tiger Natural Gas, Inc.
ER00-494-000TransAlta Centralia Generation, LLC.
ER98-3184-000TransAlta Energy Marketing (CA) Inc.
ER98-1055-000TransAlta Energy Marketing (US) Inc.
ER96-1316-000TransAlta Energy Marketing Corp.
ER01-3148-000TransAlta Energy Marketing Corp. (US).
ER95-692-000TransCanada Energy Ltd.
ER98-564-000TransCanada Power Marketing, Ltd.
ER01-2234-000Travis Energy & Environment, Inc.
ER97-3428-000Tri-Valley Corporation.
ER96-105-000U.S. Power & Light, Inc.
ER96-3092-000United American Energy Corp.
ER93-3-000United Illuminating Company.
ER01-1709-000VIASYN, Inc.
ER02-1046-000Walton County Power, LLC.
ER96-2830-000Washington Gas Energy Services, Inc.
ER98-537-000Western Energy Marketers, Inc.
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ER00-1928-000Western New York Wind Corporation.
ER02-2001-000Electric Quarterly Reports.
E-85ER95-892-055CL Power Sales One, LLC.
ER95-892-056, ER95-892-057CL Power Sales Two, LLC.
ER96-2652-049CL Power Sales Seven, LLC.
ER96-2652-050CL Power Sales Eight, LLC.
ER96-2652-051CL Power Sales Ten, LLC.
E-86ER04-449-003New York Independent System Operator, Inc., New York Transmission Owners.
E-87ER95-1007-014, ER95-1007-018Logan Generating Company, L.P.
ER00-1742-001, ER00-1742-002Madison Windpower, LLC.
ER01-2741-002, ER01-2741-003Plains End, LLC.
Markets, Tariffs, and Rates—Gas
G-1RM05-2-000Policy for Selective Discounting by Natural Gas Pipelines.
G-2RP05-20-002, RP05-21-002Columbia Gulf Transmission Company, Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation.
G-3RP05-267-000, RP97-406-033, RP00-15-005, RP00-344-004, RP00-632-014Dominion Transmission, Inc.
G-4AI05-1-000Jurisdictional Public Utilities and Licensees, Natural Gas Companies, Oil Pipeline Companies.
G-5RP05-278-000Guardian Pipeline, L.L.C.
G-6PR05-7-000ONEOK WesTex Transmission L.P.
G-7PR04-9-000, PR04-9-001Bay Gas Storage Company, Ltd.
G-9RP05-43-002Dominion Cove Point LNG LP.
G-10RP05-113-001, RP03-398-014, RP04-155-006, RP04-280-002, RP04-94-003Northern Natural Gas Company.
G-11RP04-201-005, RP04-201-004ANR Pipeline Company.
G-12RM05-12-000Modification of Natural Gas Reporting Regulations.
G-13RM05-14-000Revision of FERC Form No. 73, Oil Pipeline Data Filing Instructions.
G-15TM99-6-29-009Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation.
G-16OR92-8-024, OR93-5-015, OR94-3-014, OR94-4-016SFPP, L.P.
OR95-5-013Mobil Oil Corporation v. SFPP, L.P.
OR95-34-012Tosco Corporation v. SFPP, LP
OR96-2-010 OR96-2-011, OR96-10-007, OR96-10-009, OR98-1-009, OR98-1-011, OR00-4-002, OR00-4-004ARCO Products Co. a Division of Atlantic Richfield Company, Texaco Refining and Marketing Inc., and Mobile Corporation v. SFPP, L.P.
OR96-2-003, OR96-2-004, OR96-10-008, OR96-10-009, OR96-17-004, OR96-17-006, OR97-2-004, OR97-2-005, OR98-2-005, OR98-2-007, OR00-8-005, OR00-8-007Ultramar Diamond Shamrock Corporation and Ultramar, Inc. v. SFPP, L.P.
OR98-13-005, OR98-13-007, OR00-9-005, OR00-9-007Tosco Corporation v. SFPP, L.P.
OR00-7-005, OR00-7-006Navajo Refining Corporation v. SFPP, L.P.
OR00-10-005, OR00-10-006Refinery Holding Company.
IS98-1-001, IS98-1-002SFPP, L.P.
G-17CP02-92-002AES Ocean Express LLC.
Energy Projects—Hydro
H-1P-287-009Midwest Hydro, Inc.
H-2P-1494-251Grand River Dam Authority
H-3RM05-18-000Modification of Hydropower Procedural Regulations, Including Deletion of Certain Outdated or Non-Essential Regulations.
H-4P-4656-018Boise Kuna Irrigation District, Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District, New York Irrigation District, Wilder Irrigation District, and Big Bend Irrigation District.
H-5P-11175-023Crown Hydro LLC.
H-6P-2493-027Puget Sound Energy, Inc.
H-7P-2030-036Portland General Electric Company and Confederated Tribes of the Warms Springs Reservation of Oregon.
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Energy Projects—Certificates
C-2CP02-405-001SG Resources Mississippi, L.L.C.
C-3CP05-32-000, CP05-32-001Northwest Pipeline Corporation.
C-4CP05-50-000Colorado Interstate Gas Company
C-6CP05-3-000CenterPoint Energy Gas Transmission Company.
C-7RM05-1-001Regulations Governing the Conduct of Open Seasons for Alaska Natural Gas Transmission Projects.
C-8RP05-234-000Marathon Oil Company v. Trailblazer Pipeline Company.
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Magalie R. Salas,


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Immediately following the conclusion of the Commission Meeting, a press briefing will be held in Hearing Room 2. Members of the public may view this briefing in the Commission Meeting overflow room. This statement is intended to notify the public that the press briefings that follow Commission meetings may now be viewed remotely at Commission headquarters, but will not be telecast through the Capitol Connection service.

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