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Intent to Grant a Partially Exclusive Patent License

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Department of the Air Force, DoD.




Pursuant to the provisions of Part 404 of Title 37, code of Federal Regulations, which implements Public Law 96-517, as amended, the Department of the Air Force announces its intention to grant Aman Data, a Limited Liability Corporation of Nevada, having a place of business at Las Vegas, Nevada, a partially exclusive license in any right, title and interest the Air Force has in:

a. U.S. Patent No. 5,365,425, issued 15 Nov 1994, entitled “Method and System for Measuring Management Effectiveness” by Michael J. Torma, Bernard W. Galing, Robert J. Palmer, and Suzanne K.S. West.

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d. U.S. Patent No. 5,453,835, issued 26 Sep 1995, entitled “Multichannel Acousto-Optic Correlator for Time Delay Computation” by Michael J. Ward and Christopher W. Keefer.

e. U.S. Patent No. 5,485,312, issued 16 Jan 1996, entitled “Optical Pattern Recognition System and Method for Verifying the Authenticity of a Person, Product or Thing” by Joseph L. Horner, Bahram Javidi, and John F. Walkup.

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mmm. U.S. Patent No. 6,831,596, issued 14 Dec 2004, entitled “Calibrating the Sampling Frequency of a GPS Receiver” by James B.Y. Tsui and David M. Lin.


A license for these patents will be granted unless a written objection is received within fifteen (15) days from the date of publication of this Notice. Written objections should be sent to: Air Force Materiel Command Law Office, AFMCLO/JAZ, Building 11, Room 100, 2240 B Street, Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-7109.

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Fred Sinder, Air Force Materiel Command Law Office, AFMCLO/JAZ, Building 11, Room 100, 2240 B Street, Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-7109. Telephone: (937) 255-2838; Facsimile (937) 255-3733.

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Bao-Anh Trinh,

Air Force Federal Register Liaison Officer.

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