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Privacy Act of 1974; System of Records

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Pursuant to the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974, 5 U.S.C. 552a, notice is given that the Department of Justice proposes to modify all of its systems of records, as identified in the list below.

The Department has modified all of its systems of records to include a new routine use that allows disclosure to appropriate persons and entities for purposes of response and remedial efforts in the event that there has been a breach of the data contained in the systems. This routine use will facilitate an effective response to a confirmed or suspected breach by allowing for disclosure to those individuals affected by the breach, as well as to others who are in a position to assist in the Department's response efforts, either by assisting in notification to affected individuals or otherwise playing a role in preventing, minimizing, or remedying harms from the breach.

In accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552a(e)(4) and (11), the public is given a 30-day period in which to comment; and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which has oversight responsibility under the Privacy Act, requires a 40-day period in which to conclude its review of the systems. Therefore, please submit any comments by December 11, 2006. The public, OMB, and the Congress are invited to submit any comments to Mary E. Cahill, Management and Planning Staff, Justice Management Division, United States Department of Justice, Washington, DC 20530-0001 (Room 1400, National Place Building).

A description of the modification to the Department's systems of records is provided below. In accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552a(r), the Department has provided a report to OMB and the Congress.

Start Signature

Dated: October 24, 2006.

Lee J. Lofthus,

Acting Assistant Attorney General for Administration.

End Signature

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DAG-003Drug Enforcement Task Force Evaluation Reporting System03-10-9257 FR 8473
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DAG-006Presidential Appointee Candidate Records System10-21-8550 FR 42607
DAG-007Presidential Appointee Records System10-21-8550 FR 42608
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FBI-006Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Indices02-14-0570 FR 7513, 14
FBI-007FBI Automated Payroll System10-05-9358 FR 51874
FBI-008Bureau Personnel Management System10-05-9358 FR 51875
FBI-009Fingerprint Identification Records System (FIRS)09-28-9964 FR 52347
FBI-010Employee Travel Vouchers and Individual Earning Records12-11-8752 FR 47248
FBI-011Employee Health Records10-05-9358 FR 51875
FBI-012Time Utilization Record-Keeping (TURK) System10-05-9358 FR 51876
FBI-013Security Access Control System (SACS)02-14-0570 FR 7513, 16
FBI-014FBI Alcoholism Program12-11-8752 FR 47251
FBI-015National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC)10-05-9358 FR 51879
FBI-016FBI Counterdrug Information Indices System (CIIS)06-09-9459 FR 29824
FBI-017National DNA Index System (NDIS)07-18-9661 FR 37495
FBI-018National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)11-25-98 * 12-14-00 01-22-01 03-01-0163 FR 65223 * 65 FR 78190 66 FR 6676 66 FR 12959
FBI-019Terrorist Screening Records System07-28-05 * 12-02-0570 FR 43715 * 70 FR 72315
FBI Blanket Routine UsesFBI established ten “blanket” routine uses (BRUs) to be applicable to more than one FBI system of records06-22-01 * 02-14-0566 FR 33558 * 70 FR 7513
FTTTF-001Flight Training Candidates File System06-10-02 * 07-19-0267 FR 39839 * 67 FR 47570
INTERPOL-001INTERPOL—United States National Central Bureau (USNCB) Records System04-10-0267 FR 17464
JMD-002Controlled Substances Act Nonpublic Records07-20-0166 FR 38000
JMD-003Department of Justice Payroll System01-02-0469 FR 107
JMD-006Debt Collection Management System11-12-9358 FR 60055
JMD-009Debt Collection Offset Payment System06-19-9762 FR 33438
JMD-016Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counseling and Referral Records06-09-00 * 09-01-0465 FR 36718 * 69 FR 53469
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JMD-022Department of Justice Consolidated Asset Tracking System (CATS)05-19-0671 FR 29170
JMD-023Federal Bureau of Investigation Whistleblower Case Files09-07-0570 FR 53253
NDIC-001National Drug Intelligence Center Data Base04-26-9358 FR 21995
OAG-001General Files System09-12-8550 FR 37294
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OIG-004OIG Employee Training Records12-07-9964 FR 68375
OIG-005OIG Firearms Qualifications System12-07-9964 FR 68376
OIPR-001Policy and Operational Records System01-26-8449 FR 3281
OIPR-002Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Records System01-26-8449 FR 3282
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OIPR-003Litigation Records System01-26-8449 FR 3284
OJP-001Equipment Inventory10-05-9358 FR 51879
OJP-004Grants Management Information System10-17-8853 FR 40526
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OJP-011Registered Users File—National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)10-05-9358 FR 51879
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OJP-013Denial of Federal Benefits Clearinghouse System (DEBAR)05-10-9964 FR 25071
OJP-014Victims of International Terrorism Expense Reimbursement Program08-07-0671 FR 44709
OLC-001Attorney Assignment Reports09-04-8550 FR 35879
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OLP-002United States Judges Records System07-25-8550 FR 30309
OLP-003General Files System09-12-8550 FR 37299
OPA-001Executive Clemency Case Files/Executive Clemency Tracking System10-31-0267 FR 66417
OPR-001Office of Professional Responsibility Records Index12-10-98 * 11-27-02 04-20-0463 FR 6829967 FR 70967 69 FR 21160
OSCW-001Caselink Document Database for Office of Special Counsel—Waco09-05-0065 FR 53749
PAO-001News Release, Document and Index System09-30-7742 FR 53364
PRC-001Docket, Scheduling and Control12-11-8752 FR 47281
PRC-003Inmate and Supervision Files03- 10-8853 FR 7313
PRC-004Labor and Pension Case, Legal File and General Correspondence System10-17-8853 FR 40533
PRC-005Office Operation and Personnel System10-17-8853 FR 40535
PRC-006Statistical, Educational and Developmental System12-11-8752 FR 47287
PRC-007Workload Record, Decision Result, and Annual Report System10-17-8853 FR 40535
TAX-001Criminal Tax Case Files, Special Project Files, Docket Cards, and Associated Records03-07-0671 FR 11446, 47
TAX-002Tax Division Civil Tax Case Files, Docket Cards, and Associated Records03-07-0671 FR 11446, 49
TAX-003Files of Applications for Attorney and Non-Attorney Positions with the Tax Division03-07-0671 FR 11446, 51
USA-001Administrative Files12-22-8348 FR 56662
USA-002A.U.S.A. Applicant Files08-23-8348 FR 38329
USA-003Citizen Complaint Files10-13-8954 FR 42088
USA-005Civil Case Files02-20-98 * 03-29-0163 FR 8659 66 FR 17200
USA-006Consumer Complaints10-13-8954 FR 42090
USA-007Criminal Case Files02-20-98 * 12-21-99 03-29-0163 FR 8659 * 64 FR 71499 66 FR 17200
USA-009Kline District of Columbia and Maryland Stock and Land Fraud Inter-relationship Filing System10-13-8954 FR 42093
USA-010Major Crimes Division Investigative Files10-13-8954 FR 42094
USA-011Prosecutor’s Management Information System (PROMIS)10-13-8954 FR 42095
USA-012Security Clearance Forms for Grand Jury Reporters02-04-8348 FR 5386
USA-013U.S. Attorney, District of Columbia Superior Court Division, Criminal Files10-13-8954 FR 42097
USA-014Pre-Trial Diversion Program Files08-23-8348 FR 38344
USA-015Debt Collection Enforcement System07-25-0671 FR 42118
USA-016Assistant United States Attorney Applicant Records System03- 10-9257 FR 8487
USA-017Appointed Assistant United States Attorneys Personnel System03- 10-9257 FR 8488
USA-018United States Attorneys' Office Giglio Information Files12-01-0065 FR 75308
USA-020Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counseling and Referral Records03-20-0166 FR 15755
USM-001United States Marshals Service Badge and Credentials File11-08-9964 FR 60832, 33
USM-002United States Marshals Service Internal Affairs System11-08-9964 FR 60832, 34
USM-003United States Marshals Service Prisoner Transportation System09-06-9156 FR 44101
USM-004Special Deputation Files11-08-9964 FR 60832, 35
USM-005U.S. Marshals Service Prisoner Processing and Population Management/Prisoner Tracking System (PPM/PTS)04-28-0469 FR 23213
USM-006United States Marshals Service Training Files11-08-9964 FR 60832, 38
USM-007Warrant Information Network (WIN)11-08-9964 FR 60832, 39
USM-008Witness Security Files Information System11-08-9964 FR 60832, 40
USM-009Inappropriate Communications/Threat Information System11-08-0064 FR 60832, 41
USM-010Judicial Facility Security Index System11-08-9964 FR 60832, 42
USM-011Judicial Protection Information System11-08-9964 FR 60832, 43
USM-013U.S. Marshals Service Administration Proceedings, Claims and Civil Litigation Files11-08-9964 FR 60832, 45
USM-015U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Records11-08-9964 FR 60832, 47
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USM-016U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) Key Control Record System11-08-9964 FR 60832, 48
USM-017Judicial Security Staff Inventory11-08-9964 FR 60849, 50
USM-018Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Files and Database Tracking System11-08-9964 FR 60849, 51
USM-019Merit Promotion Open Season Records System (MPOS)05-23-0671 FR 29668
UST-001Bankruptcy Case Files and Associated Records10-11-0671 FR 59818, 19
UST-002Bankruptcy Trustee Oversight Records10-11-0671 FR 59818, 22
UST-003U.S. Trustee Program Timekeeping Records10-11-0671 FR 59818, 24
UST-004United States Trustee Program Case Referral System10-11-0671 FR 59818, 25
UST-005Credit Counseling and Debtor Education Files and Associated Records10-11-0671 FR 59818, 27
* * * * *

Routine Uses of Records Maintained in the System, Including Categories of Users and the Purposes of Such Uses:

To appropriate agencies, entities, and persons when (1) it is suspected or confirmed that the security or confidentiality of information in the system of records has been compromised; (2) the Department has determined that as a result of the suspected or confirmed compromise there is a risk of harm to economic or property interests, identity theft or fraud, or harm to the security or integrity of this system or other systems or programs (whether maintained by the Department or another agency or entity) that rely upon the compromised information; and (3) the disclosure made to such agencies, entities, and persons is reasonably necessary to assist in connection with the Department's efforts to respond to the suspected or confirmed compromise and prevent, minimize, or remedy such harm.

* * * * *
End Preamble

[FR Doc. E6-18009 Filed 10-27-06; 8:45 am]