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Nonforeign Area Cost-of-Living Allowances; 2006 Interim Adjustments

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Office of Personnel Management.




This notice publishes the 2006 interim adjustments for the Pacific and Caribbean Nonforeign Area Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA) areas. The Federal Government conducts COLA surveys in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands to set COLA rates. These surveys are conducted once every 3 years on a rotating basis. In between COLA surveys, the Government adjusts COLA rates for the areas not surveyed using the relative change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the COLA area compared with the Washington-Baltimore CPI. The Pacific and Caribbean COLA areas were not surveyed in 2006. Therefore, OPM is calculating and publishing interim adjustments for these COLA areas. This notice also publishes a revised listing of the 2005 estimated Washington, DC, area middle income annual consumer expenditure data.


We will consider comments received on or before November 13, 2007.


Send or deliver comments to Charles D. Grimes III, Deputy Associate Director for Performance Management and Pay Systems, Strategic Human Resources Policy Division, Office of Personnel Management, Room 7300B, 1900 E Street, NW., Washington, DC 20415-8200; fax: (202) 606-4264; or e-mail:

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J. Stanley Austin, (202) 606-2838; fax: (202) 606-4264; or e-mail:

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Subpart B of part 591 of title 5, Code of Federal Regulations, requires the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to set nonforeign area cost-of-living allowance (COLA) rates for U.S. Postal Service and white-collar Federal employees in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI). Section 591.223(a) prescribes that we conduct these surveys on a rotating basis, once every 3 years. Section 591.224 requires we adjust the previous COLA survey price indexes for the areas not surveyed by using the relative change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the Start Printed Page 52170COLA area compared with the change in the Washington, DC, area CPI.

In 2006, we surveyed Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau, Alaska. We did not survey the Caribbean or Pacific COLA areas. Therefore, we are adjusting the previous Caribbean and Pacific survey price indexes using the relative change in CPIs. As required by § 591.225, we used the CPI, All Urban Consumers (CPI-U), as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for Honolulu and the Washington-Baltimore area and the Puerto Rico CPI as produced by the Puerto Rico Department of Work and Human Resources.

2004 Pacific Survey Results and Interim Adjustments

First, we computed the change in prices for the Honolulu area compared with the change in prices for the Washington-Baltimore area using the CPI-Us for each area. Table 1 shows this process.

Table 1.—Honolulu and Washington-Baltimore CPI-U Changes 2004 to 2006

Survey areaCPI-U
Honolulu 2004 CPI-U first half189.2
Honolulu 2006 CPI-U first half206.4
Honolulu change9.0909%
DC-Baltimore 2004 CPI-U first half118.3
DC-Baltimore 2006 CPI-U first half127.7
DC-Baltimore change7.9459%

Next, we multiplied the price indexes from the five 2004 Pacific surveys (Honolulu, Hawaii County, Kauai, Maui, and Guam) by the change in the Honolulu CPI-U and divided that by the change in the Washington-Baltimore CPI-U. The price index is the COLA survey index before the addition of the adjustment factor specified in § 591.227. The adjustment factor reflects differences in need, access to and availability of goods and services, and quality of life in the COLA area relative to the DC area and is a fixed amount. Therefore, it is not adjusted by the change in the CPI.

OPM published the 2004 Pacific survey report in the Federal Register on August 4, 2005, at 70 FR 44989. The report included the survey price indexes for each of the Pacific COLA areas. OPM revised these price indexes in a final rule published in the Federal Register on August 2, 2006, at 71 FR 43897.

Table 2 shows the interim adjustment process. For example, the 2004 Maui COLA survey adjusted index, as published in the Federal Register, is 131.50. The Maui adjustment factor is 7 points. Therefore, subtracting the adjustment factor shows 124.50 as the price index from the 2004 survey. We increased this price index by 9.0909% (i.e., multiplied by 1.090909), the change in the Honolulu CPI-U, and reduced it by 7.9459% (i.e., divided by 1.079459), the change in the Washington-Baltimore CPI-U, to give a new price index of 125.82. We then added the 7 point adjustment factor to the new price index, which yields a 2006 Maui Interim Adjustment COLA rate of 132.82.

Table 2.—Pacific COLA Area CPI-U Price Index Adjustments

HonoluluHawaii CoKauaiMauiGuam
2004 COLA Survey Indexes125.80117.25127.63131.50127.40
Adjustment Factors57779
2004 COLA Survey Price Indexes120.80110.25120.63124.50118.40
2006 CPI Adjusted Price Indexes122.08111.42121.91125.82119.66
2006 COLA Indexes with Adj. Factors127.08118.42128.91132.82128.66

2005 Caribbean Survey Results and Interim Adjustments

The process we used to compute the interim adjustments for the Caribbean areas (i.e., Puerto Rico and USVI) is identical to the one for the Pacific areas except that we used the Puerto Rico CPI as produced by the Puerto Rico Department of Work and Human Resources, as specified in § 591.225. Table 3 shows the relative change in the Puerto Rico CPI compared with the Washington-Baltimore CPI-U.

Table 3.—Puerto Rico and Washington-Baltimore CPI-U Changes 2005 to 2006

Survey areaCPI-U
Puerto Rico 2005 CPI first half (June)277.2
Puerto Rico 2006 CPI first half (June)312.2
Puerto Rico change12.6263%
DC-Baltimore 2005 CPI-U first half122.8
DC-Baltimore 2006 CPI-U first half127.7
DC-Baltimore change3.9902%

We multiplied the Puerto Rico and USVI price indexes by the change in the Puerto Rico CPI and divided that by the change in the Washington-Baltimore CPI-U. OPM published price indexes for Puerto Rico and USVI in the 2005 Caribbean survey report at 71 FR 63179. As noted in section 4.2.3 of the report, we calculated the Puerto Rico survey index (103.32) after we re-priced water utilities based on a post-survey increase in water utility rates. The CPI for Puerto Rico already reflects this increase; therefore, we reverted to the pre-increase index level (103.06) to avoid duplication in the interim adjustment calculation. Table 4 shows the 2005 indexes, the interim adjustment process, and the final results.

Table 4.—Caribbean COLA Area CPI-U Price Index Adjustments

Puerto RicoUSVI
2005 COLA Survey Indexes103.06128.21
Adjustment Factors79
2005 COLA Survey Price Indexes96.06119.21
2005 CPI Adjusted Price Indexes104.04129.11
2005 COLA Indexes with Adj. Factors111.04138.11
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Interim Adjustments Summarized

In a proposed rule published on September 6, 2007, at 72 FR 51200, OPM proposed to adjust COLA rates based on the interim CPI adjustments. In the Pacific, the results indicate that COLA rates in all of the areas except Hawaii County are currently set at the appropriate levels. In Hawaii County, the results show that the COLA rate should be increased to 18 percent. In the Caribbean, the results indicate that the COLA rate for the U.S. Virgin Islands is currently set at the appropriate level and the rate for Puerto Rico should be increased to 11 percent. As noted in the proposed rule, OPM plans an additional adjustment to the Puerto Rico COLA rate based on the impact of the new Puerto Rico sales tax.

Consumer Expenditure Data

Appendix 2 of the 2005 COLA survey report included a listing of estimated DC area middle income annual consumer expenditures. We are publishing a revised listing of the consumer expenditure data with this notice. The revised listing contains the data we used in the 2005 survey index calculations.

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Office of Personnel Management,

Linda M. Springer,


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Appendix 2 of the 2005 survey report published on October 27, 2006, at 71 FR 63179, is revised to read as follows:

Appendix 2.—Estimated DC Area Middle Income Annual Consumer Expenditures

[Asterisks show Detailed Expenditure Categories (DECs) for which OPM surveyed items]

LevelCodeGroupCategory nameExpenditures
1TOTALEXPTotal Expenditure$53,419.79
3CERBAKRYPEGCereals and bakery products464.86
4CEREALCereals and cereal products149.47
5010120Prepared flour mixes14.00
5010210Ready-to-eat and cooked cereals*88.57
5010320Pasta, cornmeal and other cereal products*25.76
4BAKERYBakery products315.39
6020110White bread*37.03
6020210Bread, other than white*52.19
5CRAKCOOKCrackers and cookies75.49
5020810Frozen and refrigerated bakery products*25.01
5OTHBAKRYOther bakery products125.66
6020310Biscuits and rolls*40.27
6020410Cakes and cupcakes*39.02
6020620Bread and cracker products4.14
6020710Sweetrolls, coffee cakes, doughnuts31.61
6020820Pies, tarts, turnovers10.62
3ANIMALPEGMeats, poultry, fish, and eggs863.96
5030110Ground beef*89.22
6030210Chuck roast*14.35
6030310Round roast*10.28
6030410Other roast13.71
6030510Round steak*16.51
6030610Sirloin steak*35.26
6030710Other steak42.73
5030810Other beef21.86
5040210Pork chops*25.15
6040310Ham, not canned*25.98
6040610Canned ham*0.85
5040410Other pork29.59
4OTHRMEATOther meats101.89
5LNCHMEATLunch meats (cold cuts)71.41
6050210Bologna, liverwurst, salami*19.93
6050310Other lunchmeats51.48
5LAMBOTHRLamb, organ meats and others7.27
6050410Lamb and organ meats5.49
6050900Mutton, goat and game1.78
5CHICKENFresh and frozen chickens111.07
6060110Fresh and frozen whole chicken*31.90
6060210Fresh and frozen chicken parts*79.16
5060310Other poultry27.10
Start Printed Page 52172
4FISHSEAFish and seafood227.05
5070110Canned fish and seafood*29.02
5070230Fresh fish and shellfish*124.88
5070240Frozen fish and shellfish*73.16
3DAIRYPEGDairy products340.36
4MILKCRMFresh milk and cream124.54
5090110Fresh milk, all types*111.20
4OTHDAIRYOther dairy products215.82
5100410Ice cream and related products*63.49
5100510Miscellaneous dairy products28.01
3FRUITVEGPEGFruits and vegetables428.27
4FRSHFRUTFresh fruits203.54
5110510Citrus fruits, excluding oranges17.70
5110410Other fresh fruits89.71
4FRESHVEGFresh vegetables224.73
5120410Other fresh vegetables112.63
3PROCFOODPEGProcessed Foods826.00
4PROCFRUTProcessed fruits123.01
5FRZNFRUTFrozen fruits and fruit juices12.47
6130110Frozen orange juice*5.09
6130121Frozen fruits4.11
6130122Frozen fruit juices3.26
5130310Canned fruits*18.13
5130320Dried fruit7.03
5130211Fresh fruit juice23.15
5130212Canned and bottled fruit juice*62.24
4PROCVEGProcessed vegetables97.75
5140110Frozen vegetables*31.86
5CANDVEGCanned and dried vegetables and juices65.89
6140210Canned beans*13.57
6140220Canned corn8.01
6140230Canned miscellaneous vegetables21.79
6140320Dried peas0.24
6140330Dried beans2.66
6140340Dried miscellaneous vegetables9.02
6140310Dried processed vegetables0.73
6140410Frozen vegetable juices0.16
6140420Fresh and canned vegetable juices9.71
4MISCFOODMiscellaneous foods605.25
5FRZNPREPFrozen prepared foods124.46
6180210Frozen meals*40.33
6180220Other frozen prepared foods84.14
5180110Canned andpackaged soups*40.70
5SNACKSPotato chips, nuts, and other snacks123.63
6180310Potato chips and other snacks*96.36
5CONDMNTSCondiments and seasonings100.94
6180410Salt, spices, other seasonings*23.71
6180420Olives, pickles, relishes12.41
6180510Sauces and gravies*42.90
6180520Baking needs and miscellaneous products21.92
5OTHRPREPOther canned and packaged prepared foods174.30
6180611Prepared salads20.81
6180612Prepared desserts*12.66
6180620Baby food*32.54
6180710Miscellaneous prepared foods107.71
6180720Vitamin supplements0.58
5190904Food prepared by consumer on out-of-town trips41.20
3OTHRFOODPEGOther food at home182.71
4SWEETSSugar and other sweets107.00
5150110Candy and chewing gum*68.68
Start Printed Page 52173
5150212Artificial sweeteners*4.85
5150310Jams, preserves, other sweets*18.83
4FATSOILSFats and oils75.71
5160211Fats and oils*20.63
5160212Salad dressings*22.71
5160310Nondairy cream and imitation milk*10.57
5160320Peanut butter11.95
3NALCBEVGPEGNonalcoholic beverages244.87
4170210Other carbonated drinks43.97
5170310Roasted coffee*23.19
5170410Instant and freeze dried coffee10.80
4170510Noncarbonated fruit flavored drinks*16.51
4200112Nonalcoholic beer0.28
4170530Other nonalcoholic beverages and ice49.62
3FOODAWAYPEGFood away from home31.76
4RESTRANTMeals at restaurants, carry-outs and other2,682.01
6190111Lunch at fast food, take-out, delivery, etc.*567.83
6190112Lunch at full service restaurants*297.91
6190113Lunch at vending machines/mobile vendors12.34
6190114Lunch at employer and school cafeterias122.70
6190211Dinner at fast food, take-out, delivery, etc.*334.65
6190212Dinner at full service restaurants*631.54
6190213Dinner at vending machines/mobile vendors2.82
6190214Dinner at employer and school cafeterias5.84
5SNKNABEVSnacks and nonalcoholic beverages400.30
6190311Snacks/nonalcoholic bev. at fast food, etc.*291.19
6190312Snacks/nonalcoholic bev. at full svc. restaurants44.46
6190313Snacks/nonalcoholic bev. at vending mach., etc51.78
6190314Snacks/nonalcoholic bev. cafeterias12.88
5BRKFBRUNBreakfast and brunch306.10
6190321Breakfast & brunch at fast food, take-out, etc.*155.78
6190322Breakfast & brunch at full service restaurants*139.55
6190323Breakfast & brunch at vending machines2.46
6190324Breakfast & brunch at cafeterias8.30
4NONRESMENon Restaurant Meals473.75
5190901Board (including at school)22.63
5190902Catered affairs62.78
5190903Food on out-of-town trips255.51
5790430School lunches92.14
5800700Meals as pay40.69
3ALCBEVGPEGAlcoholic beverages627.36
4ALCHOMEAt home405.24
5200111Beer and ale*203.81
5200410Other alcoholic beverages45.72
4ALCAWAYAway from home222.12
5BEERNALEBeer and ale97.76
6200511Beer and ale at fast food, take-out, etc19.39
6200512Beer and ale at full service restaurants*77.80
6200513Beer and ale at vending machines, etc0.05
6200516Beer and ale at catered affairs0.51
6200521Wine at fast food, take-out, delivery, etc2.61
6200522Wine at full service restaurants*23.34
6200523Wine at vending machines and mobile vendors
6200526Wine at catered affairs0.06
5OTHALCBVOther alcoholic beverages98.36
6200531Other alcoholic bev. at fast food, take-out, etc14.17
6200532Other alcoholic bev. at full service restaurants43.87
6200533Other alcoholic bev. at vending machines0.10
6200536Other alcoholic bev. at catered affairs0.23
6200900Alcoholic beverages purchased on trips39.99
2SHEL&UTLMEGShelter and Utilities190.87
Start Printed Page 52174
4RNTLEQRented Equivalence (estimated monthly × 12)13,332.00
4RENTXXRented Dwelling (rent minus tenants ins.)*3,251.64
4350110Tenants Insurance (tenants ins × 2)*36.27
4OTHLODGEOther Lodging (other minus housing at school)397.13
3ENERUTPEGEnergy Utilities*1.18
3WATERXPEGWater and other public services*362.63
2HHF&SUPPMEGHousehold Furnishings and Supplies2.19
3HHOPERPEGHousehold operations610.69
4HHPERSRVPersonal services395.00
5340210Babysitting and child care*83.82
6340211Child care in own home32.61
6340212Child care outside own home51.21
5340906Care for elderly, invalids, handicapped, etc16.07
5340910Adult day care centers1.70
5670310Day-care centers, nursery, and preschools*293.41
4HHOTHXPNOther household expenses215.69
5340310Housekeeping services*49.32
5340410Gardening, lawn care service*62.72
5340420Water softening service3.34
5340520Household laundry and dry cleaning, sent out0.80
5340530Coin-operated household laundry & dry cleaning3.65
5340914Services for termite/pest control11.20
5340915Home security system service fee15.83
5340903Other home services7.58
5330511Termite/pest control products1.14
5340510Moving, storage, freight express*33.51
5340620Appliance repair, including service center12.53
5340630Reupholstering, furniture repair3.61
5340901Repairs/rentals of lawn/garden equipment6.17
5340907Appliance rental2.09
5340908Rental of office equip. for nonbusiness use0.66
5340913Repair of miscellaneous household equip1.52
5990900Rental/installation of dishwashers/disposals
3HKPGSUPPPEGHousekeeping supplies631.49
4LAUNDRYLaundry and cleaning supplies147.87
5330110Soaps and detergents*80.52
5330210Other laundry cleaning products67.35
4HKPGOTHROther household products317.42
5330310Cleansing & toilet tissue, paper towels/napkins*99.04
5330510Miscellaneous household products143.56
5330610Lawn and garden supplies*74.82
4POSTAGEPostage and stationery166.20
5330410Stationery, stationery supplies, giftwraps*81.08
6PARPSTParcel Post*4.30
5340120Delivery services5.46
3TEX&RUGSPEGTextiles and Area Rugs183.15
4HHTXTILEHousehold textiles156.20
5280110Bathroom linens*27.07
5280120Bedroom linens*71.77
5280130Kitchen and dining room linens12.25
5280210Curtains and draperies21.41
5280220Slipcovers, decorative pillows6.33
5280230Sewing materials for slipcovers, curtains, etc15.89
5280900Other linens1.49
4FLOORCOVFloor coverings26.96
5RNTCARPTWall-to-wall carpeting (renter)0.01
6230134Wall-to-wall carpet (renter)
6320163Wall-to-wall carpet (replacement) (renter)0.01
5320111Floor coverings, nonpermanent*26.94
4290110Mattress and springs*59.98
4290120Other bedroom furniture105.19
4290310Living room chairs*60.36
4290320Living room tables23.94
4290410Kitchen, dining room furniture*46.49
4290420Infants' furniture8.86
4290430Outdoor furniture13.08
Start Printed Page 52175
4290440Wall units, cabinets/other occasional furniture65.38
3MAJAPPLPEGMajor appliances196.71
4230116Dishwashers (built-in), disposals, range hoods13.97
5230117Dishwasher—owned home0.63
5230118Dishwasher rented home13.34
4300110Refrigerators, freezers*45.99
5300111Refrigerators, freezers (renter)5.92
5300112Refrigerators, freezers (owned home)40.07
4300210Washing machines*27.81
5300211Washing machines (renter)5.95
5300212Washing machines (owned home)21.87
4300220Clothes dryers19.88
5300221Clothes dryers (renter)4.91
5300222Clothes Dryer (owned home)14.97
4300310Cooking stoves, ovens*31.99
5300311Cooking stoves, ovens (renter)1.85
5300312Cooking stoves, ovens (owned home)30.13
4300320Microwave ovens7.64
5300321Microwave ovens (renter)1.88
5300322Microwave ovens (owned home)5.76
4300330Portable dishwasher1.47
5300331Portable dishwasher (renter)0.22
5300332Portable dishwasher (owned home)1.25
4300410Window air conditioners47.96
5300411Window air conditioners (renter)1.48
5300412Window air conditioners (owned home)5.10
5320511Electric floor cleaning equipment*33.78
5320512Sewing machines7.02
5300900Miscellaneous household appliances0.59
3SMAPPHWRPEGSmall appliances, miscellaneous housewares144.28
5320310Plastic dinnerware2.53
5320320China and other dinnerware*14.13
5320350Silver serving pieces10.71
5320360Other serving pieces1.77
5320370Nonelectric cookware*21.45
5320380Tableware, nonelectric kitchenware36.40
4SMLLAPPLSmall appliances37.29
5320521Small electric kitchen appliances*26.67
5320522Portable heating and cooling equipment10.62
3MISCHHEQPEGMiscellaneous household equipment632.71
4320120Window coverings24.78
4320130Infants' equipment16.15
4320140Laundry and cleaning equip17.62
4320150Outdoor equipment*21.70
4320220Lamps and lighting fixtures13.87
4320231Other household decorative items151.27
4320232Telephones and accessories*35.99
4320410Lawn and garden equipment*82.56
4320420Power tools*43.54
4320901Office furniture for home use*8.69
4320902Hand tools*12.30
4320903Indoor plants, fresh flowers*47.68
4320904Closet and storage items12.80
4340904Rental of furniture5.16
4690210Telephone answering devices1.25
4690230Business equipment for home use2.18
4320430Other hardware59.83
4690242Smoke alarms (owned home)1.50
4690241Smoke alarms (renter)0.30
4690243Smoke alarms (owned vacation)
4690245Other household appliances (owned home)5.03
4690244Other household appliances (renter)1.03
4320905Miscellaneous household equipment and parts55.97
2APPARELMEGApparel and services21.79
3MENBOYSPEGMen and boys502.12
Start Printed Page 52176
4MENSMen, 16 and over416.91
5360110Men's suits*25.98
5360120Men's sportcoats, tailored jackets8.66
5360210Men's coats and jackets*34.18
5360311Men's underwear*26.44
5360312Men's hosiery15.94
5360320Men's nightwear2.57
5360330Men's accessories31.31
5360340Men's sweaters and vests13.01
5360350Men's active sportswear20.78
5360410Men's shirts*90.85
5360511Men's pants*110.74
5360512Men's shorts, shorts sets25.89
5360901Men's uniforms6.33
5360902Men's costumes4.24
4BOYSBoys, 2 to 1585.20
5370110Boys' coats and jackets6.21
5370120Boys' sweaters2.64
5370130Boys' shirts*19.42
5370211Boys' underwear7.26
5370212Boys' nightwear1.53
5370213Boys' hosiery4.10
5370220Boys' accessories3.18
5370311Boys' suits, sportcoats, vests1.79
5370312Boys' pants*21.85
5370313Boys' shorts, shorts sets7.38
5370903Boys' uniforms2.82
5370904Boys' active sportswear4.20
5370902Boys' costumes2.82
3WMNSGRLSPEGWomen and girls925.48
4WOMENSWomen, 16 and over809.92
5380110Women's coats and jackets*84.81
5380210Women's dresses*75.94
5380311Women's sportcoats, tailored jackets4.87
5380312Women's vests and sweaters*56.78
5380313Women's shirts, tops, blouses*158.20
5380320Women's skirts27.47
5380331Women's pants*121.82
5380332Women's shorts, shorts sets27.98
5380340Women's active sportswear45.51
5380410Women's sleepwear44.02
5380420Women's undergarments51.96
5380430Women's hosiery23.06
5380510Women's suits*28.98
5380901Women's accessories*43.22
5380902Women's uniforms7.98
5380903Women's costumes7.33
4GIRLSGirls, 2 to 15115.56
5390110Girls' coats and jackets9.36
5390120Girls' dresses and suits*9.32
5390210Girls' shirts, blouses, sweaters*21.29
5390221Girls' skirts and pants*28.77
5390222Girls' shorts, shorts sets9.49
5390230Girls' active sportswear9.15
5390310Girls' underwear and sleepwear8.42
5390321Girls' hosiery4.93
5390322Girls' accessories7.58
5390901Girls' uniforms2.76
5390902Girls' costumes4.50
3INFANTPEGChildren under 290.35
4410110Infant coat, jacket, snowsuit2.38
4410120Infant dresses, outerwear23.90
4410130Infant underwear*50.03
4410140Infant nightwear, loungewear*4.55
4410901Infant accessories9.48
4400110Men's footwear*125.68
4400210Boys' footwear53.75
4400310Women's footwear*171.42
4400220Girls' footwear40.62
3OTHAPPRLPEGOther apparel products and services288.37
Start Printed Page 52177
4420110Material for making clothes8.83
4420120Sewing patterns and notions8.47
4440110Shoe repair and other shoe service1.25
4440120Coin-operated apparel laundry/dry cleaning*47.64
4440130Alteration, repair and tailoring of apparel6.19
4440140Clothing rental3.06
4440150Watch and jewelry repair4.28
4440210Apparel laundry & cleaning not coin-operated*53.51
4440900Clothing storage0.50
3MOTVEHCOPEGMotor Vehicle Costs4,545.54
4VEHPURCHVehicle purchases (net outlay)3,659.
5NEWCARSCars and trucks, new1,873.20
6450110New cars*865.68
6450210New trucks1.52
5USEDCARSCars and trucks, used1,717.02
6460110Used cars748.86
6460901Used trucks968.16
5OTHVEHCLOther vehicles69.17
6450220New motorcycles38.17
6450900New aircraft4.13
6460902Used motorcycles26.87
6460903Used aircraft
4VEHFINCHVehicle finance charges488.57
5510110Automobile finance charges*232.74
5510901Truck finance charges233.70
5510902Motorcycle and plane finance charges3.57
5850300Other vehicle finance charges18.55
4LEASVEHLeased vehicles221.66
5450310Car lease payments111.26
5450313Cash downpayment (car lease)7.71
5450314Termination fee (car lease)0.50
5450410Truck lease payments100.58
5450413Cash downpayment (truck lease)0.79
5450414Termination fee (truck lease)0.82
4VEHXP&LVOther Vehicle Expenses and Licenses175.91
5520110State & Local Registration*102.22
6520111Vehicle reg. state91.84
6520112Vehicle reg. local10.38
5520310Driver's license8.89
5520410Vehicle inspection (added to S&L registration)9.55
5PARKINGParking fees21.70
6520531Parking fees in home city, excl. residence18.01
6520532Parking fees, out-of-town trips3.69
5520542Tolls on out-of-town trips3.66
5520550Towing charges5.46
5620113Automobile service clubs13.16
3GASOILPEGGasoline and motor oil15.14
4470112Diesel fuel15.41
4470113Gasoline on out-of-town trips96.39
4470211Motor oil11.20
4470212Motor oil on out-of-town trips0.98
3CARP&RPEGMaintenance and repairs791.12
4CARPARMaintenance and Repair Parts206.75
5470220Coolant, additives, brake, transmission fluids4.25
5480110Tires—purchased, replaced, installed*117.97
5480213Parts, equipment, and accessories*73.71
5480214Vehicle audio equipment, excluding labor2.87
5480212Vehicle products7.95
4CARREPMaintenance and Repair Service*584.37
5490000Misc. auto repair, servicing45.46
5490110Body work and painting31.22
5490211Clutch, transmission repair46.87
5490212Drive shaft and rear-end repair7.56
5490221Brake work, including adjustments50.15
5490231Repair to steering or front-end15.58
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5490232Repair to engine cooling system19.70
5490311Motor tune-up42.41
5490312Lube, oil change, and oil filters74.18
5490313Front-end alignment, wheel balance, rotation11.12
5490314Shock absorber replacement3.55
5490316Gas tank repair, replacement4.01
5490318Repair tires and other repair work55.99
5490319Vehicle air conditioning repair14.52
5490411Exhaust system repair13.39
5490412Electrical system repair33.41
5490413Motor repair, replacement100.70
5490900Auto repair service policy14.56
3500110PEGVehicle insurance*976.09
3RENTVEHPEGRented vehicles28.60
3PUBTRANSPEGPublic transportation589.71
4530110Airline fares*399.38
4530210Intercity bus fares16.95
4530510Intercity train fares23.94
4530901Ship fares36.89
4LOCTRANSLocal Transportation (Not a CES item)112.56
5530311Intracity mass transit fares65.35
5530312Local trans.on out-of-town trips14.00
5530411Taxi fares and limousine service on trips8.22
5530412Taxi fares and limousine service*24.15
5530902School bus0.84
3HEALTINSPEGHealth insurance*1,337.89
4COMHLTINCommercial health insurance270.98
5580111Traditional fee for service health plan (not BCBS)90.77
5580113Preferred provider health plan (not BCBS)180.21
4BCBSBlue Cross, Blue Shield416.23
5580112Traditional fee for service health plan (BCBS)79.25
5580114Preferred provider health plan (BCBS)141.02
5580312Health maintenance organization (BCBS)144.67
5580904Commercial Medicare supplement (BCBS)45.55
5580906Other health insurance (BCBS)5.74
4580311Health maintenance organization (not BCBS)326.02
4580901Medicare payments177.44
4COMEDOTHCommercial Medicare suppl & health insurance147.21
5580903Commercial Medicare supplement (not BCBS)84.91
5580905Other health insurance (not BCBS)62.30
3MEDSERVSPEGMedical services689.24
4560110Physician's services*172.07
4560210Dental services*264.62
4560310Eyecare services43.17
4560400Service by professionals other than physician41.89
4560330Lab tests, x-rays31.41
4570110Hospital room*30.19
4570210Hospital service other than room54.53
4570240Medical care in retirement community
4570220Care in convalescent or nursing home30.38
4570902Repair of medical equipment3.91
4570230Other medical care services17.07
3DRUGS&MEPEGDrugs and Medical Supplies456.78
5550210Nonprescription drugs*62.53
5550410Nonprescription vitamins31.48
5540000Prescription drugs*265.86
4MEDSUPPLMedical supplies96.91
5550110Eyeglasses and contact lenses*47.34
5550340Hearing aids12.32
5550310Topicals and dressings*26.60
5550320Medical equipment for general use2.87
5550330Supportive and convalescent medical equip5.23
5570901Rental of medical equipment1.31
5570903Rental of supportive, convalescent equipment1.24
3FEESADMPEGFees and admissions553.89
4610900Recreation expenses, out-of-town trips31.27
4620111Social, recreation, civic club membership*86.07
4620121Fees for participant sports*83.62
Start Printed Page 52179
4620122Participant sports, out-of-town trips23.03
4620211Movie, theater, opera, ballet*113.81
4620212Movie, other admissions, out-of-town trips57.96
4620221Admission to sporting events31.87
4620222Admission to sports events, out-of-town trips19.32
4620310Fees for recreational lessons*75.66
4620903Other entertainment services, out-of-town trips31.27
3TVAUDIOPEGTelevision, radios, sound equipment369.52
5310110Black and white tv0.50
5310120Color tv—console56.12
5310130Color tv—portable, table model*36.18
5310210VCR's and video disc players*33.37
5310220Video cassettes, tapes, and discs*50.40
5310230Video game hardware and software27.02
5340610Repair of tv, radio, and sound equipment4.48
5340902Rental of televisions1.01
4AUDIORadios, sound equipment160.43
5310313Tape recorders and players8.59
5310320Sound components and component systems*19.00
5310331Miscellaneous sound equipment0.14
5310332Sound equipment accessories7.64
5310334Satellite dishes1.38
5310341CD, tape, record and video mail order clubs7.87
5310342Records, CDs, audio tapes, needles*39.92
5340905Rental of VCR, radio, and sound equipment0.28
5610130Musical instruments and accessories16.14
5620904Rental and repair of musical instruments5.43
5620912Rental of video cassettes, tapes, & discs*49.21
3PETSPLAYPEGPets, toys, and playground equipment397.06
5610310Pet food*116.44
5610320Pet purchase, supplies, medicine76.66
5620410Pet services21.50
5620420Vet services*68.24
4610110Toys, games, hobbies, and tricycles*112.26
4610120Playground equipment1.96
3ENTEROTHPEGOther entertainment supplies, equipment, and svcs339.69
4UNMTRBOTUnmotored recreational vehicles41.92
5600121Boat without motor and boat trailers6.68
5600122Trailer and other attachable campers35.24
4PWRSPVEHMotorized recreational vehicles*128.92
5600141Purchase of motorized camper87.77
5600142Purchase of other vehicle11.81
5600132Purchase of boat with motor29.35
4RNTSPVEHRental of recreational vehicles2.95
5520904Rental noncamper trailer0.02
5520907Boat and trailer rental out-of-town trips0.28
5620909Rental of campers on out-of-town trips0.77
5620919Rental of other vehicles on out-of-town trips1.60
5620906Rental of boat0.21
5620921Rental of motorized camper
5620922Rental of other RV's0.06
4600110Outboard motors1.58
4520901Docking and landing fees4.05
4RECEQUIPSports, recreation and exercise equipment99.06
5600210Athletic gear, game tables, exercise equip*37.45
5600410Camping equipment6.74
5600420Hunting and fishing equipment25.21
5600430Winter sports equipment3.20
5600901Water sports equipment3.19
5600902Other sports equipment13.42
5620908Rental and repair of misc. sports equipment1.80
4PHOTOEQPhotographic equipment, supplies and services54.86
5610220Other photographic supplies0.30
5620330Film processing*16.06
5620905Repair and rental of photographic equipment0.21
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5610230Photographic equipment16.78
5620320Photographer fees10.35
4610903Visual goods0.20
4620913Pinball, electronic video games4.85
3PERSPRODPEGPersonal care products352.04
4640110Hair care products*76.06
4640120Nonelectric articles for the hair9.72
4640130Wigs and hairpieces1.68
4640210Oral hygiene products, articles37.09
4640220Shaving needs24.28
4640310Cosmetics, perfume, bath preparation*149.89
4640410Deodorants, feminine hygiene, misc. pers. care43.13
4640420Electric personal care appliances10.20
3PERSSERVPEGPersonal care services291.50
4650310Personal care service*290.98
4650900Repair of personal care appliances0.52
5590111Newspaper subscriptions*49.01
5590112Newspaper, non-subscriptions*14.40
5590211Magazine subscriptions*19.20
5590212Magazines, non-subscriptions*10.60
4590220Books thru book clubs10.02
4590230Books not thru book clubs*54.38
4660310Encyclopedia and other sets of reference books0.13
2EDU&COMMMEGEducation and Communication229.19
4670210Elementary and high school tuition*94.35
4660210School books, supplies, for elem. and H.S25.63
4PHONETelephone services1,270.01
5270101Telephone svcs in home city, excl. car phones*814.13
5270102Telephone services for mobile car phones*428.43
5270103Pager service1.71
5270104Phone cards25.73
4690114Computer information services*143.61
4270310Community antenna or cable tv*571.65
3COMP&SVCPEGComputers and Computer Services189.93
4690113Repair of computer systems for nonbus. use5.49
4690111Computers & computer hardware nonbus. use*164.21
4690112Computer software/accessories for nonbus. use20.23
3TOBACCOPEGTobacco products and smoking supplies219.08
4630210Other tobacco products15.58
4630220Smoking accessories1.00
4620925Miscellaneous fees18.84
4620926Lotteries and pari-mutuel losses51.71
4680110Legal fees*129.86
4680140Funeral expenses*63.14
4680210Safe deposit box rental4.20
4680220Checking accounts, other bank service charges27.28
4680901Cemetery lots, vaults, maintenance fees17.58
4680902Accounting fees*55.94
4680903Miscellaneous personal services43.25
4710110Credit card interest and annual fees*292.74
4900001Occupational expenses (old code)
4900002Occupational expenses42.54
4790600Expenses for other properties63.50
4880210Interest paid, home equity line of credit0.06
4620115Shopping club membership fees6.36
3INSPENSNPEGPersonal insurance and pensions545.95
4LIFEINSRLife and other personal insurance*466.70
5700110Life, endowment, annuity, other personal ins442.01
5002120Other nonhealth insurance24.68
4PENSIONSPensions and Social Security49.26
Start Printed Page 52181
5800910Deductions for government retirement*116.12
5800920Deductions for railroad retirement3.01
5800931Deductions for private pensions513.91
5800932Non-payroll deposit to retirement plans417.89
5800940Deductions for Social Security3.32
End Supplemental Information

[FR Doc. 07-4491 Filed 9-11-07; 8:45 am]