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Notice of Procedural Order Eliminating Quarterly Reporting Requirement and Amending Monthly Reporting Requirement for Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas Import/Export Authorization Holders

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Office of Fossil Energy (FE), Department of Energy (DOE).


Notice of Procedural Order Amending Natural Gas Import and Export Orders.


DOE has issued the attached Procedural Order eliminating the quarterly reporting requirement and modifying the current monthly reporting requirement for existing and future orders authorizing the import and export of natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG). The Procedural Order includes the background and basis for the reporting and the new monthly requirement as modified.


The first monthly report, for the reporting period January 1, 2008 through January 31, 2008, required by the Procedural Order shall be filed no later than February 29, 2008.


All monthly filings required by the Procedural Order shall be made to U.S. Department of Energy (FE-34), Office of Fossil Energy, Office of Natural Gas Regulatory Activities, P.O. Box 44375, Washington, DC 20026-4375, Attention: Ms. Yvonne Caudillo. Reports may be e-mailed to Ms. Caudillo at or Reports may be faxed to Ms. Caudillo at (202) 585-6050.

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Yvonne Caudillo, U.S. Department of Energy (FE-34), Office of Fossil Energy, Office of Natural Gas Regulatory Activities, P.O. Box 44375, Washington, DC 20026-4375, (202) 586-4587,

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Issued in Washington, DC, on February 1, 2008.

R.F. Corbin,

Manager, Natural Gas Regulatory Activities, Office of Oil and Gas Global Security and Supply, Office of Fossil Energy.

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Procedural Order Eliminating Quarterly Reporting Requirement and Amending Monthly Reporting Requirement for Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas Import/Export Authorization Holders

FE Docket No. 08-01-PO

DOE/FE Order No. 2464

I. Background

FE is delegated the authority to regulate natural gas and LNG imports and exports under section 3 of the Natural Gas Act (15 U.S.C. 717b).[1] In order to carry out its delegated responsibility, FE requires those persons authorized to import or export natural gas and LNG to file reports containing basic information about the scope and nature of the import or export activity. FE has been collecting the import and export transaction information on a monthly and quarterly basis. That information is used to monitor North American natural gas trade, which in turn enables the Federal government to perform market and regulatory analyses, to improve the capability of industry and government to respond to any future energy-related supply problems, and to inform the general public regarding the international natural gas trade. Additionally, the data collected enables FE to ensure that importers and exporters are in compliance with the terms and conditions of their authorizations.

DOE has undertaken a Natural Gas Data Collection Initiative to improve the way it gathers and disseminates information about the U.S. natural gas trade. As a result of this initiative, FE continues to seek ways to improve and streamline its reporting process. As part of that effort, the submission of quarterly reports will no longer be required, and monthly reports will be amended to include the information and details previously collected on the quarterly reports. Monthly reports must still be filed within 30 days following the end of each calendar month indicating whether or not imports and/or exports have been made and reporting the details of all import and/or export transactions. This Procedural Order amends existing import and export authorizations listed in Appendix A to reflect such revisions. This Procedural Order also clarifies how those reports shall be filed with DOE. This monthly reporting requirement will also be made a condition in all future natural gas and LNG import and export authorizations. Requiring the submission of import and export data on a monthly basis only will improve the accuracy, timeliness, and publication of the data collected, and will simplify the obligation and reduce the burden on authorization holders who are now required to provide two different data reports on two different reporting schedules.

II. Comments

On August 10, 2006, DOE's Energy Information Administration (EIA) published a notice in the Federal Register (71 FR 45800) soliciting comments on the proposed extension of Form FE-746R, “The Natural Gas Import and Export Authorization Application and Monthly Reports.”, which included the elimination of the associated quarterly reporting requirement. Three parties filed timely comments and one party filed a late comment. The three timely parties supported the changes discussed above. In addition, these parties made suggestions for modifying the reports. The suggested changes were to: (1) Eliminate the requirement to report end-user data, and (2) eliminate the requirement to report special price clauses. DOE had already considered and elected to make those changes prior to the suggestions submitted in the comments. One of the commenters suggested that FE require the volumes to be reported in Million British Thermal Units (MMBtu) rather than Thousand Cubic Feet (Mcf) to be consistent with the way the prices for those volumes are being reported. DOE disagreed with this suggestion, because, among other reasons, volumetric reporting of transactions in Mcf is a standard measure within the U.S. government and the natural gas industry. The late commenter expressed concern about confidentiality issues and stated that monthly pricing information should be delayed for three months and aggregated to preserve confidentiality. All reports become public information once the reports are filed with FE. However, DOE will continue to publish the data on a quarterly basis and not increase the frequency of the publication of the data.

On January 29, 2007, EIA published a notice in the Federal Register (72 FR 3997) indicating the submission to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) of the final Form FE-746R for review and a three-year extension under section 3507(h)(1) of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq.) and requesting comments by February 28, 2007. No comments were received. On May 18, 2007, OMB approved the collection of natural gas and LNG import and export data pursuant to Form FE-746R until May 31, 2010.

III. Order

In accordance with DOE's Natural Gas Data Collection Initiative and pursuant to section 3 of the Natural Gas Act, it is hereby ordered that:

1. The quarterly reporting requirement in all natural gas and LNG import and export authorizations listed in Appendix A attached to this Order is eliminated as of January 1, 2008.

2. The monthly reporting requirement in all natural gas and LNG import and export authorizations listed in Appendix A attached to this Order, including how those reports shall be filed with DOE, is amended as follows:

All authorized importers and exporters shall file a report with the Office of Natural Gas Regulatory Activities within 30 days following the last day of each calendar month indicating whether imports and/or exports have been made. Monthly reports shall be filed whether or not initial deliveries have begun. If imports and/or exports have not occurred, a report of “no activity” for that month must be filed. If imports and/or exports have occurred, the report must give the following details:

(A) For natural gas imports and/or exports, the report shall include:

(1) for imports, the country of origin,

(2) for exports, the country of destination,

(3) the point(s) of entry or exit,

(4) the volume in thousand cubic feet (Mcf),

(5) the average purchase price of gas per million British thermal units (MMBtu) at the international border,

(6) the name of the supplier(s),

(7) the name of the U.S. transporter(s),

(8) the estimated or actual duration of the supply agreement(s), and

(9) for imports, the geographic market(s) served (list State(s), U.S. Census Region(s), or general U.S. geographic area(s));

(B) For LNG imports by vessel, the report must include:

(1) the name of the U.S. receiving terminal,

(2) the name of the LNG tanker,

(3) the date of arrival at the U.S. receiving terminal,

(4) the country of origin,

(5) the name of the supplier/seller,

(6) the volume in Mcf,

(7) the landed price per MMBtu at the point of import,

(8) the duration of the supply agreement (indicate spot purchases),

(9) the name(s) of the purchaser(s), and

(10) the geographic market served (list State(s), U.S. Census Region(s), or general U.S. geographic area(s));

(C) For LNG exports by vessel, the report must include: Start Printed Page 6945

(1) the name of the U.S. export terminal,

(2) the name of the LNG tanker,

(3) the date of departure from the U.S. export terminal,

(4) the country of destination,

(5) the name of the supplier/seller,

(6) the volume in Mcf,

(7) the delivered price per MMBtu,

(8) the duration of the supply agreement (indicate spot sales), and

(9) the name(s) of the purchaser(s); and

(D) For LNG imports and/or exports by truck, the report must include:

(1) the name of the U.S. receiving or departure facility,

(2) the country of origin or destination,

(3) the point(s) of entry or exit,

(4) the name(s) of the supplier(s)/seller(s),

(5) the name(s) of the LNG transporter(s),

(6) the volume in Mcf,

(7) for imports, the landed price and for exports, the delivered price per MMBtu at the point of entry or exit,

(8) the duration of the supply agreement,

(9) for imports, the geographic market served (list State(s), U.S. Census Region(s), or general U.S. geographic area(s)).

The first monthly report for the reporting period January 1, 2008, through January 31, 2008, required by this Procedural Order shall be filed no later than February 29, 2008. All monthly report filings shall be made to U.S. Department of Energy (FE-34), Office of Fossil Energy, Office of Natural Gas Regulatory Activities, P.O. Box 44375, Washington, DC 20026-4375 Attention: Ms. Yvonne Caudillo. Alternatively, reports may be e-mailed to Ms. Caudillo at or, or may be faxed to Ms. Caudillo at (202) 585-6050.

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Issued in Washington, DC, on February 1, 2008.

R.F. Corbin,

Manager, Natural Gas Regulatory Activities, Office of Oil and Gas Global Security and Supply, Office of Fossil Energy.

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Appendix A

Dated issuedDocket No.CompanyOrder No.
11/20/9292-70-NGSaranac Power Partners, L.P725
03/05/9393-09-NGPortal Municipal Gas780
02/16/9393-15-NGTM Star Fuel Company771
03/28/9494-07-NGBrooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Partners, L.P929; 929A; 929B
05/02/9494-31-NGChevron Natural Gas Services938
08/01/9494-49-NGHermiston Generating Company, L.P964
08/31/9495-51-NGUnited States General Services Administration972
04/19/9594-91-LNGEcoElectrica, L.P1042
10/25/9695-64-NGPittsfield Company, L.P1088; 1088-A
09/28/9595-65-NGPittsfield Generating Company, L.P1089; 1089-A
11/07/9595-100-NGDistrigas Corporation1115
01/03/9695-106-NGCascade Natural Gas Corporation1141
01/02/9695-111-NGVermont Gas Systems, Inc1139
06/26/9696-39-NGNorth Canadian Marketing Corporation1182
09/11/9696-54-NGBear Paw Energy, LLC1195; 1195-A
09/16/9696-60-NGProGas U.S.A, Inc1197; 1197-A; 1197-B
09/16/9696-61-NGProGas U.S.A., Inc1198; 1198-A
06/20/00 04/01/0496-99-NGConocoPhillips261F 1473
05/06/9797-35-NGUnited States Gypsum Company1272
11/06/9797-87-NGProgas U.S.A., Inc1329
11/06/9797-89-NGProgas U.S.A., Inc1330; 1330-A
01/28/9898-05-NGTenaska Washington Partners, L.P1354
02/10/9898-08-NGVermont Gas Systems, Inc1361
05/08/9898-20-NGTransCanada Energy Ltd1382
05/20/9898-30-NGRock-Tenn Company, Mill Division, Inc1385
11/02/9898-85-NGHusky Gas Marketing Inc1432
05/05/9999-26-NGProGas U.S.A., Inc1479
05/20/9999-27-NGCity of Duluth, Minnesota1484
04/10/0799-110-LNGPhillips Alaska Natural Gas Corp/Marathon Oil Co1580
03/08/0000-10-NGRDO Foods Company1575
05/07/0101-15-NGEnergia Azteca X, S. de R.I. de C.V1678
08/01/0101-38-NGSierra Production Company1703
04/09/0202-15-NGMidland Cogeneration Venture Ltd. Partnership1765
07/15/0303-30-NGTransAlta Chihuahua S.A. de C.V.1877
12/30/0303-76-LNGBG LNG Services, LLC1932
04/19/0404-39-LNGBG LNG Services LLC1977; 1977-A; 1977-B
11/16/0404-106-NGCascade Natural Gas Corporation2045
11/16/0404-107-NGCascade Natural Gas Corporation2046
12/06/0404-121-NGCascade Natural Gas Corporation2051
06/24/0505-24-NGOcean State Power II2104
06/24/0505-25-NGOcean State Power I2103
06/24/0505-27-NGOcean State Power II2105
03/20/0605-48-NGSelkirk Cogen Partners, L.P2186
03/20/0605-49-NGSelkirk Cogen Partners, L.P2187
03/20/0605-50-NGSelkirk Cogen Partners, L.P2188
12/28/0505-76-NGTransCanada Pipelines Limited2167
12/28/0505-78-NGTransCanada Pipelines Limited2168
12/28/0505-79-NGTransCanada Pipelines Limited2169
03/20/0605-104-NGPuget Sound Energy, Inc2179
03/20/0605-105-NGPuget Sound Energy, Inc2180
03/20/0605-106-NGPuget Sound Energy, Inc2181
Start Printed Page 6946
03/20/0605-107-NGPuget Sound Energy, Inc2182
03/20/0605-108-NGPuget Sound Energy2183
02/24/0605-111-NGApplied LNG Technologies USA, LLC2177
05/02/0605-114-NGBG LNG Services, LLC2199
04/25/0605-123-NGPuget Sound Energy, Inc2196
11/17/0606-01-LNGBG LNG Services, LLC2283
11/17/0606-02-LNGBG LNG Services, LLC2284
11/17/0606-03-LNGBG LNG Services, LLC2285
11/17/0606-04-LNGBG LNG Services, LLC2286
11/17/0606-05-LNGBG LNG Services, LLC2287
05/22/0606-06-LNGBG LNG Services, LLC2288
03/20/0606-10-NGQuicksilver Resources, Inc2201
03/20/0606-11-NGJ.P. Morgan Ventures Energy Corporation2185
03/20/0606-12-NGJP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A2184
05/22/0606-13-NGKimball Energy Corporation2202
04/25/0606-15-NGOGE Energy Resources, Inc2189
05/22/0606-16-NGBurlington Resources Canada Marketing Ltd2217
05/22/0606-17-NGShell NA LNG LLC2203
07/21/0606-18-NGPuget Sound Energy, Inc2230
07/21/0606-19-NGPuget Sound Energy, Inc2231
04/25/0606-20-NGMorgan Stanley Capital Group Inc2192
05/22/0606-21-NGNJR Energy Services Company2204
04/25/0606-22-NGBG LNG Services, LLC2193
05/22/0606-23-NGNorthwest Natural Gas Company2205
05/22/0606-24-NGPERC Canada, Inc2206
04/25/0606-26-NGIndeck-Yerkes Limited Partnership2194
05/11/0606-27-NGUnited Energy Trading Canada, ULC2198
05/22/0606-28-NGeCorp Energy Marketing, LLC2208
04/25/0606-29-NGMichigan Consolidated Gas Company2191
05/22/0606-30-NGAnadarko Energy Services Company2209
04/25/0606-31-NGSequent Energy Management, LP2190
05/22/0606-32-NGDevon Canada Marketing Corporation2210
05/22/0606-34-NGGasoducto Rosarito, S. de R.I de C.V2211
05/22/0606-35-NGExxonmobile Gas & Power Mktg., a div of Exxon Corporation2212; 2212-A
05/22/0606-36-NGNational Fuel Resources, Inc2213
05/22/0606-37-NGLehman Brothers Commodity Services, Inc2214
05/22/0606-38-NGWest Texas Gas, Inc2215
05/25/0606-40-NGCentral Lomas de Real, S.A. de C.V2219
05/22/0606-41-NGCoral Energy Resources, L.P2221
05/22/0606-42-NGEnergy Source Canada, Inc2220
05/22/0606-43-NGSt. Lawrence Gas Company2222
05/26/0606-44-NGNew York State Electric & Gas Corporation2223
06/09/0606-45-NGSacramento Municipal Utility District2224
07/21/0606-46-NGSuez LNG Services NA LLC2225
07/21/0606-47-NGMoneta Capital Partners Ltd2226
07/27/0606-48-NGCalpine Energy Services, L.P2236
08/08/0606-63-NGPower City Partners, L.P2240
08/08/0606-64-NGMarathon Oil Company2241
08/08/0606-65-NGIGI Resources, Inc2242
08/08/0606-66-NGBP Energy Company2243
08/17/0606-67-NGAlcoa Inc2245
08/28/0606-69-NGPioneer Natural Resources Canada Inc2252
08/28/0606-70-NGConstellation Energy Commodities Group, Inc2251
08/28/0606-71-NGHess Corporation2254
08/28/0606-72-NGSelect Energy New York d/b/a Hess Energy New York Corporation2248
08/28/0606-73-NGUnion Gas Limited2247
08/28/0606-74-NGCentral Valle Hermoso, S.A. de C.V2253
08/28/0606-75-NGSeminole Canada Gas Company**2249; 2249-A
11/17/0606-76-NGInterGlobal Energy and Marine Services Inc2289
09/25/0606-77-NGAlliance Canada Marketing L.P2255
09/29/0606-78-NGPremstar Energy Canada L.P2259
10/27/0606-79-NGEnergy Natural Gas Corporation2265
09/25/0606-80-NGMacquarie Cook Energy, LLC2256
09/25/0606-81-NGMerrill Lynch Commodities, Inc2257
09/29/0606-82-NGBP Canada Energy Marketing Corp2260
07/21/0606-52-NGSouthwest Energy, LP2228
09/29/0606-84-NGMarathon LNG Marketing LLC2258
11/17/0606-85-NGUBS AG, London Branch2290
10/16/0606-86-NGRegent Resources Ltd2262
10/16/0606-87-NGBear Energy LP2263
10/16/0606-88-NGTransCanada Energy Ltd2264
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12/07/0606-89-NGSelkirk Cogen Partners, L.P2306
10/27/0606-90-NGBoise White Paper, L.L.C2266
12/21/0606-91-NGNexen Marketing U.S.A. Inc2314
11/17/0606-92-NGPemex Gas Y Petroquimica Basica2291
11/17/0606-93-NGTexas Eastern Transmission2292
10/31/0606-94-NGDuke Energy Trading & Marketing, L.L.C2302
10/27/0606-95-NGCannat Energy Inc2276
10/27/0606-96-LNGFortuna (US) L.P2277
11/17/0606-97-LNGVerboil Energy, Inc2293
12/07/0606-98-NGCity of Glendale Water and Power2307
10/05/0606-99-NGDistrigas LLC2294
12/21/0606-100-NGBoss Energy, Ltd2315
10/28/0606-101-NGConnecticut Natural Gas Corporation2278
10/27/0606-102-NGBay State Gas Company2267
10/27/0606-103-NGNorthern Utilities, Inc2268
10/27/0606-104-NGNational Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation2269
10/27/0606-105-NGThe Brooklyn Union Gas Company (d/b/a KeySpan Energy Delivery New York)2279
10/27/0606-106-NGBoston Gas Company (d/b/a KeySpan Energy Deliver New England)2270
10/27/0606-107-NGEssex Gas Company (d/b/a KeySpan Energy Delivery New England)2280
11/22/0606-121-NGFB Energy Canada Corp2303
11/22/0606-122-NGFortis Energy Marketing & Trading, GP2304
11/22/0606-123-NGMontana-Dakota Utilities Co2300
01/16/0706-124-NGSan Diego Gas & Electric Company2323
11/22/0606-125-NGTermoelectrica de Mexicali, S. de R.L. de C.V2301
12/21/0606-127-NGH.Q. Energy Services (U.S.) Inc2316
12/07/0606-128-NGBP Energy Company2310
12/01/0606-129-LNGGazprom Marketing & Trading USA, Inc2305
01/19/0706-130-NGSan Diego Gas & Electric Company2324
12/21/0606-131-NGCoral Energy Northwest, LLC2317
12/07/0606-132-NGAlberta Northeast Gas, Limited2311
12/07/0606-133-NGChehalis Power Generating, Limited Liability Corporation2312
12/28/0606-134-NGCitadel Energy Products LLC2319
12/28/0606-135-NGPowerex Corp2320
12/28/0606-136-NGVitol Inc2321
12/21/0606-137-NGNorthWestern Corporation d/b/a NorthWestern Energy2318
01/19/0706-138-NGAlbitibi-Consolidated Company of Canada2325
01/11/0707-01-NGEl Paso Marketing, L.P2322
01/29/0707-03-NGCheniere Marketing, Inc2327
01/19/0707-04-NGPetrocom Ventures, Ltd2326
03/01/0707-05-NGSequent Energy Canada Corp2330
03/08/0707-06-NGTotal Gas & Power North America, Inc2331
02/07/0707-07-NGCargill, Incorporated2328
02/02/0707-08-NGSprague Energy Corp2329
03/08/0707-09-NGPetro-Canada Hydrocarbons, Inc2332
04/06/0707-10-NGSuez Energy Marketing NA, Inc2343
03/29/0707-11-NGHunt Oil Company of Canada, Inc2336
03/29/0707-12-NGNitogo Management, Inc2337
03/29/0707-13-NGEagle Energy Partners I, L.P2338
03/15/0707-14-NGIntegrys Energy Services of Canada Corp2333
03/15/0707-15-NGIntegrys Energy Services, Inc2334
03/23/0707-16-NGCitigroup Energy Canada ULC2335
03/29/0707-17-NGProGas USA, Inc2339
03/29/0707-18-NGOntario Energy Savings L.P2340
03/29/0707-20-NGTerasen Gas Inc2341
04/03/0707-21-NGSt. Lawrence Gas Company, Inc2342
05/14/0707-22-NGEnergyNorth Natural Gas, Inc2351
05/14/0707-23-NGBoston Gas Company2352
05/14/0707-24-NGBrooklyn Union Gas Company2353
05/14/0707-25-NGKeyspan Gas East Corporation2354
05/14/0707-26-NGEssex Gas Company2355
04/24/0707-28-NGMerrill Lynch Commodities, Inc2344
05/30/0707-29-NGStatoil Natural Gas LLC2356
05/08/0707-30-NGUnited States Steel Corporation2345
05/08/0707-31-NGEnCana Marketing (USA) Inc2346
05/08/0707-32-NGAmerican Gas Supply, LP2347
05/08/0707-33-NGLNG Partners, LLC2348
05/08/0707-34-NGMexicana de Cobre, S.A. de C.V2349
05/08/0707-35-NGBP West Coast Products, LLC2350
05/30/0707-36-NGExcelerate Energy Gas Marketing, L.L.C2357
06/14/0707-37-NGPasadena Water and Power2360
06/14/0707-38-NGECOGAS Mexico2361
07/09/0707-40-NGBG Energy Merchants, LLC2376
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07/09/0707-41-NGCascade Natural Gas Corporation2377
05/30/0707-42-NGKeySpan-Ravenswood, LLC2358
06/22/0707-43-NGPPM Energy, Inc2370
06/18/0707-44-NGCHI Engineering Services, Inc2362
07/09/0707-45-NGApache Corporation2378
06/18/0707-46-NGSithe/Independence Power Partners, L.P2363
06/18/0707-47-NGDynegy Power Marketing, Inc.2364
06/18/0707-48-NGTransalta Energy Marketing (U.S.) Inc2365
06/19/0707-49-NGChevron U.S.A. Inc2366
06/22/0707-50-NGSumas Cogeneration Company, L.P2371
07/26/0707-51-NGCambridge Energy, LLC2382; 2382-A
06/22/0707-52-NGCIMA Energy, Ltd2372
06/22/0707-53-NGONEOK Energy Services Company2373
06/19/0707-54-NGMasefield Natural Gas, Inc2367
06/19/0707-55-NGAltagas Marketing (U.S.) Inc2368
06/22/0707-56-NGConstellation NewEnergy Gas Division, LLC2374
07/17/0707-57-NGPacific Summit Energy LLC2379
06/19/0707-58-NGConocoPhillips Energy Marketing Corp2369
07/24/0707-60-NGPan-Alberta Gas (U.S.) Inc2380
06/24/0707-61-NGLouis Dreyfus Energy Canada LP2385
07/24/0707-62-NGEmera Energy Services2381
07/31/0707-63-NGOxy Energy Canada, Inc. f/k/a Oxy Energy Canada LLC2386
07/26/0707-65-NGSouthern California Gas Company2384
07/31/0707-66-NGIdaho Power Company2387
08/09/0707-67-NGGibson Energy Marketing Ltd2388
08/16/0707-68-NGHusky Gas Marketing Inc2389
08/30/0707-69-NGFPL Energy Power Marketing, Inc2390
09/07/0707-70-NGGreenfield Energy Centre LP2396
08/30/0707-71-NGCanada Imperial Oil Limited2391
08/30/0707-72-NGMurphy Gas Gathering, Inc2392
08/30/0707-73-NGConocoPhillips Company2393
08/30/0707-74-LNGConocoPhillips Company2394
08/30/0707-75-NGWisconsin Public Service Corporation2395
09/07/0707-76-NGMichigan Consolidated Gas Company2397
09/11/0707-77-NGPublic Utility District No. 1 of Clark County, Washington2398
09/11/0707-78-NGOccidental Energy Marketing, Inc2399
09/11/0707-79-NGPacific Gas & Electric Company2400
09/11/0707-80-NGEnterprise Products Operating L.P2401
09/11/0707-81-NGTenaska Marketing Ventures2402
09/21/0707-82-NGYankee Gas Services Company2403
09/26/0707-83-NGNortheast Gas Markets LLC2407
09/26/0707-84-NGTristar Producer Services of Texas, L.P2408
09/21/0707-85-NGReef Ventures LP2404
09/26/0707-86-NGTranscanada Pipelines Limited2409
09/26/0707-87-NGDirect Energy Marketing Limited2406
09/21/0707-88-NGDirect Energy Marketing Inc2405
09/26/0707-89-NGPortland General Electric Company2410
09/26/0707-90-NGEnergetix, Inc2411
09/26/0707-91-NGRochester Gas & Electric Corporation2412
09/26/0707-92-NGWeyerhaeuser Company2413
10/31/0707-93-NGConsolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc2429
10/31/0707-94-NGKeyspan Gas East Corporation2430
10/31/0707-95-NGNew York State Electric & Gas Corporation2431
10/31/0707-96-NGThe Brooklyn Union Gas Company2432
10/31/0707-97-NGCentral Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation2433
10/31/0707-98-NGCentral Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation2439
10/31/0707-99-NGThe Narragansett Electric Company2434
10/31/0707-100-NGNew York State Electric & Gas Corporation2435
10/31/0707-101-NGKeyspan Gas East Corporation2436
10/31/0707-102-NGConsolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc2437
10/31/0707-103-NGThe Brooklyn Union Gas Company2438
10/10/0707-104-NGKinetic LNG2414
10/18/0707-105-NGEnbridge Gas Services (U.S.) Inc2418
10/25/0707-106-NGNewPage Corporation2427
10/18/0707-107-NGUnited States Gypsum Company2419
10/18/0707-108-NGMiddleton Energy Management Ltd2420
10/10/0707-109-NGDynegy Marketing and Trade2415
10/23/0707-110-NGThe Royal Bank of Scotland plc2424
10/10/0707-111-NGMaritimes NG Supply Limited Partnership2416
10/18/0707-112-NGJD Irving, Limited2421
10/18/0707-113-NGLuminant Energy Company LLC2422
10/10/0707-114-NGNYSEG Solutions, Inc2417
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10/29/0707-116-NGSuncor Energy Marketing Inc2428
10/22/0707-117-NGConsolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc2423; 2423-A
10/24/0707-118-NGSempra LNG Marketing Corp2426
11/06/0707-119-NGVista Corporation2443
10/31/0707-120-NGNational Fuel Marketing Company, LLC2440
11/01/0707-121-NGENERGY International Corporation2441
11/27/0707-123-NGSempra Energy Trading LLC2445
11/27/0707-125-NGVermont Gas Systems, Inc2446
12/05/0707-126-NGIrving Oil Terminals Inc2448
12/12/0707-127-NGEnbridge Gas Distribution Inc2450
11/29/0707-128-NGSierra Pacific Power Company2447
12/19/0707-129-NGDTE Energy Trading, Inc2453
12/12/0707-131-NGCambridge Energy LLC2451
12/11/0707-132-NGSouthern California Gas Company2449
11/16/8987-68-LNGYukon Pacific Company, L.P350; 350-A;
08/04/9292-35-LNGYukon Pacific Company, L.P350-B
11/16/9393-110-NGIGI Resources, Inc876
05/17/9494-14-LNGDistrigas of Massachusetts Corporation950
09/16/9797-61-NGPublic Service Company of New Mexico1299
06/22/9898-41-NGAG-Energy, L.P1390
05/16/0000-32-NGOGE Energy Resources, Inc1592
10/16/0101-54-LNGSmall Ventures U.S.A., LLC1718
10/30/0101-61-NGNova Scotia Power Inc1728
10/24/0707-115-NGDevon Canada Marketing Corporation2425
11/08/0707-124-NGPuget Sound Energy, Inc2444
12/17/0707-130-NGPanhandle Pipe Line Co2452
12/20/0707-133-NGJ.P. Morgan Ventures Energy Corporation2454
12/20/0707-134-NGJP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A2455
01/15/0808-01-NGBrookfield Energy Marketing Inc2456
01/15/0807-136-LNGFreeport LNG Development, L.P2457
01/16/0807-135-LNGApplied LNG Technologies USA, L.L.C2458
08/08/0606-62-LNGAlea Trading LLC2239
10/27/0606-108-NGColonial Gas Company2271
12/07/0606-118-NGArc Resources Ltd2308
07/09/0707-41-NGCascade Natural Gas Corp2377
12/06/0404-121-NGCascade Natural Gas Corp2051
11/16/0404-107-NGCascade Natural Gas Corp2046
11/16/0404-106-NGCascade Natural Gas Corp2045
01/03/9695-106-NGCascade Natural Gas Corp1141
11/06/0707-119-NGAvista Corporation2443
09/21/0707-88-NGDirect Energy Marketing Inc2405
09/26/0707-87-NGDirect Energy Marketing Inc2406
08/08/0606-60-NGEPCO Energy Marketing (US) Inc2238
10/27/0606-79-NGEmpire Natural Gas Corporation2265
11/22/0606-114-NGEnergia de Baja California, S. de R.L. de C.V2296
05/07/0101-15-NGEnergia Azteca X, S. de R.I. de C.V1678
09/26/0707-89-NGPortland General Electric Company2410
08/31/9494-51-NGUnited States General Services Administration972
12/14/0606-115-NGJM and RAL Energy Inc2313
06/09/0606-56-NGLNGJ USA Inc2234
07/21/0606-51-NGMinnesota Energy Resources Corporation2227
11/22/0606-113-NGNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation2295
08/18/0606-61-NGPhibro LLC2246
10/27/0606-110-NGSouthern Connecticut Gas Company2273
08/08/0606-50-NGSummitt Energy Management2237
07/25/0606-55-NGVirginia Power Energy Marketing, Inc2233
10/27/0606-53-NGConsolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc2282
07/25/0606-57-NGChevron U.S.A. Inc2235
08/28/0606-59-NGConcord Energy LLC2250
10/27/0606-122-NGCentral Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation2275
10/27/0606-109-NGEnergyNorth Natural Gas, Inc2272
10/27/0606-111-NGKeySpan Gas East Corporation2274
10/27/0606-119-NGThe Narragansett Electric Company2281
11/22/0606-120-NGSEMCO Energy Gas Company2299
06/14/0707-27-NGSempra Energy Trading Corporation2359
11/01/0707-122-NGOminex Canada, Inc2442
01/29/0808-02-LNGBG LNG Services, LLC2459
01/29/0808-03-NGSemCanada Energy2460
01/29/0808-04-NGCentral Lomas de Real, S.A. de C.V2461
01/29/0808-06-NGGasoducto Rosarito, S. De. R.L. de C.V2462
01/30/0808-05-NGEnergy Source Canada Inc2463
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1.  This authority is delegated to the Assistant Secretary of FE pursuant to Redelegation Order No. 00.002.04C (January 30, 2007).

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