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Notice of Receipt of Requests to Voluntarily Cancel Certain Pesticide Registrations

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).




In accordance with section 6(f)(1) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), as amended, EPA is issuing a notice of receipt of request by registrants to voluntarily cancel certain pesticide registrations.


Unless a request is withdrawn by January 19, 2010 or August 21, 2009 for registrations for which the registrant requested a waiver of the 180-day comment period, orders will be issued canceling these registrations. The Agency will consider withdrawal requests postmarked no later than January 19, 2010 or August 21, 2009, whichever is applicable. Comments must be received on or before January 19, 2010 or August 21, 2009, for those registrations where the 180-day comment period has been waived.


Submit your comments and your withdrawal request, identified by docket identification (ID) number EPA-HQ-OPP-2009-0135, by one of the following methods:

  • Federal eRulemaking Portal: Follow the on-line instructions for submitting comments.
  • Mail: Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) Regulatory Public Docket (7502P), Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460-0001. Written Withdrawal Request, Attention: John Jamula, Information Technology and Resources Management Division (7502P).
  • Delivery: OPP Regulatory Public Docket (7502P), Environmental Protection Agency, Rm. S-4400, One Potomac Yard (South Bldg.), 2777 S. Crystal Dr., Arlington, VA. Deliveries are only accepted during the Docket's normal hours of operation (8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays). Special arrangements should be made for deliveries of boxed information. The Docket Facility telephone number is (703) 305-5805.

Instructions: Direct your comments to docket ID number EPA-HQ-OPP-2009-0135. EPA's policy is that all comments received will be included in the docket without change and may be made available on-line at, including any personal information provided, unless the comment includes information claimed to be Confidential Business Information (CBI) or other information whose disclosure is restricted by statute. Do not submit information that you consider to be CBI or otherwise protected through or e-mail. The website is an “anonymous access” system, which means EPA will not know your identity or contact information unless you provide it in the body of your comment. If you send an e-mail comment directly to EPA without going through, your e-mail address will be automatically captured and included as part of the comment that is placed in the docket and made available on the Internet. If you submit an electronic comment, EPA recommends that you include your name and other contact information in the body of your comment and with any disk or CD-ROM you submit. If EPA cannot read your comment due to technical difficulties and cannot contact you for clarification, EPA may not be able to consider your comment. Electronic files should avoid the use of special characters, any form of encryption, and be free of any defects or viruses.

Docket: All documents in the docket are listed in the docket index available in To access the electronic docket, go to, select “Advanced Search,” then “Docket Search.” Insert the docket ID number where indicated and select the “Submit” button. Follow the instructions on the website to view the docket index or access available documents. Although listed in the index, some information is not publicly available, e.g., CBI or other information whose disclosure is restricted by statute. Certain other material, such as copyrighted material, is not placed on the Internet and will be publicly available only in hard copy form. Publicly available docket materials are available either in the electronic docket at, or, if only available in hard copy, at the OPP Regulatory Public Docket in Rm. S-4400, One Potomac Yard (South Bldg.), 2777 S. Crystal Dr., Arlington, VA. The hours of operation of this Docket Facility are from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. The Docket Facility telephone number is (703) 305-5805.

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John Jamula, Information Technology and Resource Management Division, Office of Pesticide Programs, Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460-0001; telephone number: (703) 305-6426; e-mail address:

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I. General Information

A. Does this Action Apply to Me?

This action is directed to the public in general. Although, this action may be of particular interest to persons who produce or use pesticides, the Agency has not attempted to describe all the specific entities that may be affected by this action. If you have any questions regarding the information in this notice, consult the person listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT.

B. What Should I Consider as I Prepare My Comments for EPA?

1. Submitting CBI. Do not submit this information to EPA through or e-mail. Clearly mark the part or all of the information that you claim to be CBI. For CBI information in a disk or CD-ROM that you mail to EPA, mark the outside of the disk or CD-ROM as CBI and then identify electronically within the disk or CD-ROM the specific information that is claimed as CBI. In addition to one complete version of the comment that includes information claimed as CBI, a copy of the comment that does not contain the information claimed as CBI must be submitted for inclusion in the public docket. Information so marked will not be disclosed except in accordance with procedures set forth in 40 CFR part 2.

2. Tips for preparing your comments. When submitting comments, remember to:

i. Identify the document by docket ID number and other identifying information (subject heading, Federal Register date and page number).

ii. Follow directions. The Agency may ask you to respond to specific questions or organize comments by referencing a Start Printed Page 36209Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part or section number.

iii. Explain why you agree or disagree; suggest alternatives and substitute language for your requested changes.

iv. Describe any assumptions and provide any technical information and/or data that you used.

v. If you estimate potential costs or burdens, explain how you arrived at your estimate in sufficient detail to allow for it to be reproduced.

vi. Provide specific examples to illustrate your concerns and suggest alternatives.

vii. Explain your views as clearly as possible, avoiding the use of profanity or personal threats.

viii. Make sure to submit your comments by the comment period deadline identified.

II. What Action is the Agency Taking?

This notice announces receipt by the Agency of applications from registrants to cancel 113 pesticide products registered under section 3 or 24(c) of FIFRA. These registrations are listed in sequence by registration number (or company number and 24(c) number) in Table 1 of this unit:

Table 1.—Registrations With Pending Requests for Cancellation

Registration no.Product NameChemical Name
000100 CA-98-0021Zephyr 0.15 ECAbamectin
000239-02651Bug-Geta Snail & Slug Pellets 3Metaldehyde
000264-00825Proline 480 Sc FungicideProthioconazole
000270-00350Adams Animal Repellent ConcentratePiperonyl butoxide
2,5-Pyridinedicarboxylic acid, dipropyl ester
MGK 264
000279-03326Authority MTZ 45df HerbicideSulfentrazone
000352-00606Dupont Staple Plus HerbicidePyrithiobac
000352-00620Dupont Landmark 11 MPChlorsulfuron
000352-00621Dupont Landmark MPChlorsulfuron
000352-00647Dupont Landmark II Xp HerbicideChlorsulfuron
000352 ME-94-0008ManexManeb
000352 OK-05-000Dupont Finesse Grass & Broadleaf (mp) HerbicideChlorsulfuron
000352 TX-04-0028Dupont Finesse Grass & Broadleaf (mp) HerbicideFlucarbazone-sodium
000524-00390Fallow Master HerbicideBenzoic acid, 3,6-dichloro-2-methoxy-, compd with 2-propanamine (1:1)
000538-00028Turf Builder Plus 2Mecoprop-P
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000538-00033Scotts Proturf 36-0-0 Fertilizer Plus Dicot Weed ControlDicamba
000538-00179Scotts Turf Builder Plus 2 for Grass2-4,D
000538-00186Proturf Fertilizer Plus Dicot Weed Control III2-4,D
000769-00568Stephenson Chemicals Fly BaitDichlorvos
000769-00625Vapona Em-2Dichlorvos
000769-00627Smcp Vapona 2 SolutionDichlorvos
000769-00628SMCP Vapona Insecticide 50% Concentrated SolutionMineral oil - includes paraffin oil from 063503
000769-00629Smcp Vapona Insecticide 90% Concentrated SolutionDichlorvos
000769-00632Smcp Vapona EM-4Dichlorvos
000769-00640Smcp Fly Killer BaitDichlorvos
000769-00643SMCP Slug and Snail Bait PelletsMetaldehyde
000769-00644SMCP M/V Fog SolutionDichlorvos
000769-00727SMCP Vapona Insecticide 50% Concentrate SolutionDichlorvos
000769-00795Ddvp 50% Vapona Insecticide for Professional Pco UseDichlorvos
000769-00796Superior DDVP #1 Vapona Insecticide ConcentrateDichlorvos
000769-00797Universal Quick-Tox Fog SprayPiperonyl butoxide
000769-00798Superior Ddvp #2 Vapona Insecticide Emulsifiable Conc.Dichlorvos
000769-00821Ul-5d 5% Vapona InsecticideDichlorvos
000769-00924Drop Dead Ddvp Insecticide FoggerDichlorvos
001020-00005Oakite BactericideCalcium hypochlorite
001663-00015Grant's Ant ControlArsenic oxide (As2O3)
001663-00031Arsenic Trioxide TechnicalArsenic oxide (As2O3)
002217-00441Exit Lawn Weed Killer contains Dicamba2,4-D, dimethylamine salt
Benzoic acid, 3,6-dichloro-2-methoxy-, compd with N-methylmethanamine (1:1)
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002217-00672Gordon's Phenaban 801Benzoic acid, 3,6-dichloro-2-methoxy-, compd with N-methylmethanamine (1:1)
2,4-D, dimethylamine salt
002217-00673Gordon's Phenaban 10012,4-D, dimethylamine salt
Benzoic acid, 3,6-dichloro-2-methoxy-, compd with N-methylmethanamine (1:1)
002217-00797EH 1143 HerbicideMSMA (and salts)
MCPA, dimethylamine salt
Benzoic acid, 3,6-dichloro-2-methoxy-, compd with N-methylmethanamine (1:1)
Propanoic acid, 2-(4-chloro-2-methylphenoxy)-, (R)-, compd. with N-methylmethanamine (1:1)
002686-00010Hydri-San No.468Phosphoric acid
Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid
003487-00026Eagles-14 Diphacinone Rat BaitDiphacinone
004822-00025Raid Insect Spray Power PackedPyrethrins
Piperonyl butoxide
MGK 264
004822-00034Raid Flying Insect KillerMGK 264
Piperonyl butoxide
004822-00445Raid Flea Killer Plus Cat Foam VPyrethrins
Piperonyl butoxide
MGK 264
004822-00459Whitmire Liquid Pet SprayPiperonyl butoxide
MGK 264
004822-00464Whitmire Flea and Tick Spray No. 1Piperonyl butoxide
MGK 264
005481-00067Alco Ho No Mo LiquidCacodylic acid
Cacodylic acid, sodium salt
005481-00227DSMA Liquid Plus SurfactantDSMA
005481-00228MSMA 40 Plus SurfactantMSMA (and salts)
005481-00229MSMA 60 Plus SurfactantMSMA (and salts)
005481-00230MSMA 66 ConcentrateMSMA (and salts)
005481-00231MSMA 80 ConcentrateMSMA (and salts)
005905-00118Helena 3lb Chlorate Defoliant-DesiccantSodium chlorate
Start Printed Page 36212
005905-004616 Lb. Sodium Chlorate Defoliant-DesiccantSodium chlorate
005905-00483Helena 3.5 Lb. Liquid Copper ConcentrateBasic copper sulfate
005905-00520Par F 70 Soluble OilMineral oil - includes paraffin oil from 063503
005905-00524Copper-Z 6/2 Granular AlgicideCopper sulfate pentahydrate
005905-00546Sungro 455 Soluble OilMineral oil - includes paraffin oil from 063503
005905-00547435 Soluble OilMineral oil - includes paraffin oil from 063503
005905 WA-98-0026Omni Supreme Spray Insecticide-Miticide LiquidMineral oil - includes paraffin oil from 063503
007401-00023Ferti-Lome Crabgrass and Dallis Grass KillerMSMA (and salts)
007401-00166Hi-Yield 10% Carbaryl Garden DustCarbaryl
007401-00192Ferti-Lome Weed & Feed Special F/st.augustine, BermudaSimazine
007401-00246Hi-Yield Super Decimate+surfactantMSMA (and salts)
007401-00303Hi-Yield (maneb) Lawn and Garden FungicideManeb
007401-00366Ferti-Lome Improved Bermuda Grass WeederMSMA (and salts)
Cacodylic acid, sodium salt
008867-00039Shed-A-Leaf 'l'Sodium chlorate
010806-00106Contact Roach BaitsPropoxur
011885-00012Master Mix Blue Death-D Rat & Mouse BaitDiphacinone
011885-00015Master Mix Blue Death-D Rat & Mouse Bait Hide-A-PackDiphacinone
012455-00068Contrac Mouse Bait StationBromadiolone
019713-00344Ddvp 7% Total Release AerosolDichlorvos
033116-00003Lilly Miller Slug & Snail SprayMetaldehyde
033657-00016Dinotefuran 20% Turf, Ornamental and Vegetable Trans.Dinotefuran
034704-00401Clean Crop C-O-C-S Zinc 24-24Copper oxychloride sulfate
034704-00685Simazine 80w HerbicideSimazine
042519-00004Cacodylate 3.25Cacodylic acid
Cacodylic acid, sodium salt
042519-00008Sodium Cacodylate SolutionCacodylic acid
Cacodylic acid, sodium salt
042519-00010Leaf-AllCacodylic acid, sodium salt
Cacodylic acid
042750-00042Albaugh Dicamba TechnicalDicamba
053883-00114DGA 4 HerbicideBenzoic acid, 3,6-dichloro-2-methoxy-, compd with 2-(2-aminoethoxy)ethanol (1:1)
Benzoic acid, 3,6-dichloro-2-methoxy-, potassium salt
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055272-00015Basic Copper 50WBasic copper sulfate
055272-00016Basic Copper 4lBasic copper sulfate
060061-00038Woolsey Tradewinds Anti-Fouling Bottom Paint 708 HarborCuprous oxide
Copper hydroxide
060061-00039Woolsey Neptune Anti-Fouling 712 Royal BlueCupric oxide
Copper hydroxide
060061-00040Woolsey Neptune Anti-Fouling 714 Royal GreenCopper hydroxide
Cuprous oxide
061282 OR-05-0010Prozap Zinc Phosphide PelletsZinc phosphide (Zn3P2)
062719-00513Widematch* MClopyralid
MCPA, 2-ethylhexyl ester
Fluroxypyr 1-methylheptyl ester
062719 CA-94-0018Lorsban 4E-HFChlorpyrifos
062719 CA-94-0024Lorsban-4EChlorpyrifos
062719 CA-97-0007Lorsban-4EChlorpyrifos
062719 CA-98-0010Lorsban-4EChlorpyrifos
062719 CO-99-0009Lorsban-4eChlorpyrifos
062719 ID-01-0001Lorsban-4EChlorpyrifos
062719 ID-01-00041Lorsban-4EChlorpyrifos
062719 MS-94-0005Lorsban 4E-HFChlorpyrifos
062719 OR-00-0029Lorsban-4EChlorpyrifos
062719 WA-03-0038Dithane Df RainshieldMancozeb
066222 CO-04-0001Bumper 41.8 EC (propiconazole) FungicidePropiconazole
066222 ID-03-0013Bumper 41.8 EC (propiconazole) FungicidePropiconazole
066222 ID-03-0014Bumper 41.8 EC (propiconazole) FungicidePropiconazole
066222 KS-04-0001Bumper 41.8 EC (propiconazole) FungicidePropiconazole
066222 MN-03-0004Bumper 41.8 EC (propiconazole) FungicidePropiconazole
Start Printed Page 36214
066222 ND-03-0004Bumper 41.8 EC (propiconazole) FungicidePropiconazole
066330 OR-00-0006Captan 50 Wettable PowderCaptan
067517-00065Bromethalin Liquid Concentrate 1.5%Bromethalin
070506-00195Cuprofix TechnicalBasic copper sulfate
070506-00196Cuprofix DisperssBasic copper sulfate

A request to waive the 180-day comment period has been received for the following registrations:

000769-00568; 000769-00625; 000769-00627;000769-00628; 000769-00629; 000769; 00632; 000769-00640; 000769-00643; 000769-00644; 000769-00727; 000769 00795; 000769-00796; 000769-00797; 000769-00798; 000769-00821; 000769-00924; 001020-00005; 005481-00067; 005481-00227; 005481-00228; 005481-00229; 005481-00230; 005481-00231; 005905-00118; 005905-00461; 005905-00483; 005905-00520; 005905-00524; 005905-00546; 05905-00547; 007401-00023; 007401-00246; 007401-00303; 007401-00366; 007401-00166; 019713-00344; 033116-00003; 034704-00401; 042519-00004; 042519-00008; 042519-00010; 055272-00015; 055272-00016; 62719-00513; 070506-00195; 070506-00196; WA-98-0026

Unless a request is withdrawn by the registrant within 180 days of publication of this notice, orders will be issued canceling all of these registrations. Users of these pesticides or anyone else desiring the retention of a registration should contact the applicable registrant directly during this 180-day period.

Table 2 of this unit includes the names and addresses of record for all registrants of the products in Table 1 of this unit, in sequence by EPA company number:

Table 2.—Registrants Requesting Voluntary Cancellation

EPA Company No.Company Name and Address
000100Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., Attn: Regulatory Affairs, PO Box 18300, Greensboro, NC 27419-8300.
000239The Scotts Co., d/b/a The Ortho Group, PO Box 190, Marysville, OH 43040.
000264Bayer Cropscience LP, 2 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709.
000270Farnam Companies, Inc., d/b/a Central Life Sciences, 301 W. Osborn Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85013.
000279FMC Corp. Agricultural Products Group, Attn: Michael C. Zucker, 1735 Market St, Rm 1978, Philadelphia, PA 19103.
000352E. I. Du Pont De Nemours & Co., Inc. (s300/419), Attn: Manager, US Registration, 1007 Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19898-0001.
000524Monsanto Co., Agent For: Monsanto Co., 1300 I Street, NW., Suite 450 E., Washington, DC 20005.
000538Scotts Co., The, 14111 Scottslawn Rd., Marysville, OH 43041.
000769Value Gardens Supply, LLC, d/b/a Value Garden Supply, PO Box 585, Saint Joseph, MO 64502.
001020Chemetall US, Inc., 675 Central Ave., New Providence, NJ 07974-0007.
001663Grant Laboratories Inc., 14688 Washington Ave., San Leandro, CA 94578.
002217PBI/Gordon Corp., PO Box 014090, Kansas City, MO 64101-0090.
002686Hydrite Chemical Co., 300 N. Patrick Blvd., Brookfield, WI 53045.
003487Bacon Products Co., Inc., d/b/a Bacon Products Corp., PO Box 22187, Chattanooga, TN 37422-2187.
004822S.C. Johnson & Son Inc., 1525 Howe Street, Racine, WI 53403.
005481Amvac Chemical Corp., d/b/a Amvac, 4695 Macarthur Ct., Suite 1250, Newport Beach, CA 92660-1706.
005905Helena Chemical Co., 7664 Moore Rd., Memphis, TN 38120.
007401Mandava Associates, LLC, Agent For: Voluntary Purchasing Groups, Inc., 6860 N. Dallas Pkwy., Suite 200, Plano, TX 75024.
008160D.B.K., Inc., 789 South Christensen Rd., Coolidge, AZ 85228.
008867Jimmy Sanders Inc., PO Box 1169, Cleveland, MS 38732.
010806Contact Industries, Div. of Safeguard Chemical Corp., 411 Wales Ave, Bronx, NY 10454.
011885ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc., PO Box C1, Quincy, IL 62305.
012455Bell Laboratories, Inc., 3699 Kinsman Blvd., Madison, WI 53704.
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019713Drexel Chemical Co., PO Box 13327, Memphis, TN 38113-0327.
033116Registrations By Design, Inc., Agent For: Central Garden & Pet d/b/a Lilly Miller, 118 1/2 E. Main St., Suite 1, Salem, VA 24153-3805.
033657Landis International, Inc., Agent For: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., PO Box 5126, Valdosta, GA 31603-5126.
034704Loveland Products, Inc., Attn: Mark R. Trostle, PO Box 1286, Greeley, CO 80632-1286.
042519Luxembourg-Pamol, Inc., 5100 Poplar Ave., Suite 2700, Memphis, TN 38137.
042750Albaugh Inc., 1525 Ne 36th Street, Ankeny, IA 50021.
053883Control Solutions, Inc., 5903 Genoa-Red Bluff, Pasadena, TX 77507-1041.
055272Ensayo Consulting, Agent For: Ingenieria Industrial Sa De Cv, 2838 Ulster St., Denver, CO 80238.
060061Kop-Coat, Inc., 436 Seventh Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15219.
061282Hacco, Inc., 110 Hopkins Drive, Randolph, WI 53956-1316.
062719Dow Agrosciences LLC, 9330 Zionsville Rd 308/2E, Indianapolis, IN 46268-1054.
066222Makhteshim-Agan of North America Inc., 4515 Falls of Neuse Rd, Suite 300, Raleigh, NC 27609.
066330Arysta Lifescience North America, LLC, 15401 Weston Parkway, Suite 150, Cary, NC 27513.
067517Virbbac AH, Inc., Agent For: PM Resources Inc., PO Box 162059, Fort Worth, TX 76161.
070506United Phosphorus, Inc., 630 Freedom Business Center, Suite 402, King Of Prussia, PA 19406.

III. What is the Agency's Authority for Taking this Action?

Section 6(f)(1) of FIFRA provides that a registrant of a pesticide product may at any time request that any of its pesticide registrations be canceled. FIFRA further provides that, before acting on the request, EPA must publish a notice of receipt of any such request in the Federal Register. Thereafter, the Administrator may approve such a request.

IV. Procedures for Withdrawal of Request

Registrants who choose to withdraw a request for cancellation must submit such withdrawal in writing to the person listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT, postmarked before January 19, 2010. This written withdrawal of the request for cancellation will apply only to the applicable FIFRA section 6(f)(1) request listed in this notice. If the product(s) have been subject to a previous cancellation action, the effective date of cancellation and all other provisions of any earlier cancellation action are controlling. The withdrawal request must also include a commitment to pay any reregistration fees due, and to fulfill any applicable unsatisfied data requirements.

V. Provisions for Disposition of Existing Stocks

The effective date of cancellation will be the date of the cancellation order. The orders effecting these requested cancellations will generally permit a registrant to sell or distribute existing stocks for 1 year after the date the cancellation request was received. This policy is in accordance with the Agency's statement of policy as prescribed in the Federal Register of June 26, 1991 (56 FR 29362) (FRL-3846-4). Exceptions to this general rule will be made if a product poses a risk concern, or is in noncompliance with reregistration requirements, or is subject to a data call-in. In all cases, product-specific disposition dates will be given in the cancellation orders.

Existing stocks are those stocks of registered pesticide products which are currently in the United States and which have been packaged, labeled, and released for shipment prior to the effective date of the cancellation action. Unless the provisions of an earlier order apply, existing stocks already in the hands of dealers or users can be distributed, sold, or used legally until they are exhausted, provided that such further sale and use comply with the EPA-approved label and labeling of the affected product. Exception to these general rules will be made in specific cases when more stringent restrictions on sale, distribution, or use of the products or their ingredients have already been imposed, as in a special review action, or where the Agency has identified significant potential risk concerns associated with a particular chemical.

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List of Subjects

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Dated: July 13, 2009.

Kathryn Bouvé,

Acting Director, Information Technology and Resources Management Division. Office of Pesticide Programs.

End Signature End Supplemental Information

[FR Doc. E9-17315 Filed 7-21-09; 8:45 a.m.]