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Executive Orders

2005 George W. Bush Executive Orders

In 2005, George W. Bush published 27 executive orders, from EO 13368 through EO 13394.

These 27 executive orders can be downloaded in CSV/Excel and JSON formats. More information about our APIs can be found on our developers page.

EO 13394: Providing an Order of Succession Within the Department of Defense

EO 13393: Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay

EO 13392: Improving Agency Disclosure of Information

EO 13391: Blocking Property of Additional Persons Undermining Democratic Processes or Institutions in Zimbabwe

EO 13390: Establishment of a Coordinator of Federal Support for the Recovery and Rebuilding of the Gulf Coast Region

EO 13389: Creation of the Gulf Coast Recovery and Rebuilding Council

EO 13388: Further Strengthening the Sharing of Terrorism Information To Protect Americans

EO 13387: 2005 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

EO 13386: Further Amendment to Executive Order 13369, Relating to the President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform

EO 13385: Continuance of Certain Federal Advisory Committees and Amendments to and Revocation of Other Executive Orders

EO 13384: Assignment of Functions Relating to Original Appointments as Commissioned Officers and Chief Warrant Officer Appointments in the Armed Forces

EO 13383: Amending Executive Orders 12139 and 12949 in Light of Establishment of the Office of Director of National Intelligence

EO 13382: Blocking Property of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators and Their Supporters

EO 13381: Strengthening Processes Relating to Determining Eligibility for Access to Classified National Security Information

EO 13380: Implementing Amendments to Agreement on Border

EO 13379: Amendment to Executive Order 13369, Relating to the President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform

EO 13378: Amendments to Executive Order 12788 Relating to the Defense Economic Adjustment Program

EO 13377: Designating the African Union as a Public International Organization Entitled To Enjoy Certain Privileges, Exemptions, and Immunities

EO 13376: Amendments to Executive Order 12863, Relating to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

EO 13375: Amendment to Executive Order 13295 Relating to Certain Influenza Viruses and Quarantinable Communicable Diseases

EO 13374: Amendments to Executive Order 12293—The Foreign Service of the United States

EO 13373: Amendments to Executive Order 11926 Relating to the Vice Presidential Service Badge

EO 13372: Clarification of Certain Executive Orders Blocking Property and Prohibiting Certain Transactions

EO 13371: Amendments to Executive Order 13285, Relating to the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation

EO 13370: Providing an Order of Succession in the Office of Management and Budget

EO 13369: President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform

EO 13368: Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay

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