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Executive Orders

1996 William J. Clinton Executive Orders

In 1996, William J. Clinton published 50 executive orders, from EO 12984 through EO 13033.

These 50 executive orders can be downloaded in CSV/Excel and JSON formats. More information about our APIs can be found on our developers page.

EO 13033: Executive Order 13033 of December 27, 1996

EO 13032: Further Amendment to Executive Order No. 12964

EO 13031: Federal Alternative Fueled Vehicle Leadership

EO 13030: Administration of Foreign Assistance and Related Functions and Arms Export Controls

EO 13028: Further Amendments to Executive Order No. 12757 Implementation of the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative

EO 13026: Administration of Export Controls on Encryption Products

EO 13025: Amendment to Executive Order 13010, the President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection

EO 13024: Amending Executive Order 12015, Relating to Competitive Appointments of Students Who Have Completed Approved Career-Related Work Study Programs

EO 13023: Amendments to Executive Order 12992, Expanding and Changing the Name of the President's Council on Counter-Narcotics

EO 13022: Administration of the Midway Islands

EO 13021: Tribal Colleges and Universities

EO 13020: Amendment to Executive Order 12981

EO 13019: Supporting Families: Collecting Delinquent Child Support Obligations

EO 13018: Amending Executive Order No. 12975

EO 13017: Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry

EO 13016: Amendment to Executive Order No. 12580

EO 13015: White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security

EO 13014: Maintaining Unofficial Relations With the People on Taiwan

EO 13013: Amending Executive Order No. 10163, the Armed Forces Reserve Medal

EO 13011: Federal Information Technology

EO 13010: Critical Infrastructure Protection

EO 13009: Amendment to Executive Order No. 12963 Entitled Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS

EO 13008: Amending Executive Order No. 12880

EO 13007: Indian Sacred Sites

EO 13006: Locating Federal Facilities on Historic Properties in Our Nation's Central Cities

EO 13005: Empowerment Contracting

EO 13002: Termination of Combat Zone Designation in Vietnam and Waters Adjacent Thereto

EO 13000: Order of Succession of Officers To Act as Secretary of Defense

EO 12999: Educational Technology: Ensuring Opportunity for All Children in the Next Century

EO 12998: Amendment to Executive Order No. 11880

EO 12997: Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization

EO 12996: Management and General Public Use of the National Wildlife Refuge System

EO 12995: Amendment to Executive Order No. 12873

EO 12994: Continuing the President's Committee on Mental Retardation and Broadening Its Membership and Responsibilities

EO 12993: Administrative Allegations Against Inspectors General

EO 12992: President's Council on Counter-Narcotics

EO 12991: Adding the Small Business Administration to the President's Export Council

EO 12990: Adjustments of Rates of Pay and Allowances for the Uniformed Services, Amendment to Executive Order No. 12984

EO 12989: Economy and Efficiency in Government Procurement Through Compliance With Certain Immigration and Naturalization Act Provisions

EO 12988: Civil Justice Reform

EO 12987: Amendment to Executive Order No. 12964

EO 12986: International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

EO 12985: Establishing the Armed Forces Service Medal

EO 12984: Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay and Allowances

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