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Executive Orders

1998 William J. Clinton Executive Orders

In 1998, William J. Clinton published 38 executive orders, from EO 13072 through EO 13109.

These 38 executive orders can be downloaded in CSV/Excel and JSON formats. More information about our APIs can be found on our developers page.

EO 13109: Half-Day Closing of Executive Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government on Thursday, December 24, 1998

EO 13108: Further Amendment to Executive Order 13037, Commission To Study Capital Budgeting

EO 13107: Implementation of Human Rights Treaties

EO 13106: Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay and Delegation of a Federal Pay Administration Authority

EO 13104: Amendment to Executive Order 13021, Tribal Colleges and Universities

EO 13103: Computer Software Piracy

EO 13102: Further Amendment to Executive Order 13038, Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligations of Digital Television Broadcasters

EO 13101: Greening the Government Through Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Federal Acquisition

EO 13100: President's Council on Food Safety

EO 13099: Prohibiting Transactions With Terrorists Who Threaten To Disrupt the Middle East Peace Process

EO 13098: Blocking Property of UNITA and ProhibitingCertain Transactions With Respect to UNITA

EO 13097: Interparliamentary Union

EO 13096: American Indian and Alaska Native Education

EO 13095: Suspension of Executive Order 13083

EO 13094: Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

EO 13093: American Heritage Rivers, Amending Executive Order 13061 and 13080

EO 13092: President's Information Technology Advisory Committee, Amendments to Executive Order 13035

EO 13091: Administration of Arms Export Controls and Foreign Assistance

EO 13090: President's Commission on the Celebration of Women in American History

EO 13089: Coral Reef Protection

EO 13088: Blocking Property of the Governments of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), the Republic of Serbia, and the Republic of Montenegro, and Prohibiting New Investment in the Republic of Serbia in Response to the Situation in Kosovo

EO 13087: Further Amendment to Executive Order 11478, Equal Employment Opportunity in the Federal Government

EO 13086: 1998 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

EO 13085: Establishment of the Enrichment Oversight Committee

EO 13084: Consultation and Coordination With Indian Tribal Governments

EO 13083: Federalism

EO 13082: Joint Mexican-United States Defense Commission

EO 13081: Amendment to Executive Order No. 13038, Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligations of Digital Television Broadcasters

EO 13080: American Heritage Rivers Initiative Advisory Committee

EO 13079: Waiver Under The Trade Act Of 1974 With Respect to Vietnam

EO 13078: Increasing Employment of Adults With Disabilities

EO 13077: Further Amendment to Executive Order 13010, Critical Infrastructure Protection

EO 13076: Ordering the Selected Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty

EO 13075: Special Oversight Board for Department of Defense Investigations of Gulf War Chemical and Biological Incidents

EO 13074: Amendment to Executive Order 12656

EO 13073: Year 2000 Conversion

EO 13072: White House Millennium Council

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