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Executive Orders

2001 William J. Clinton Executive Orders

In 2001, William J. Clinton published 14 executive orders, from EO 13184 through EO 13197.

These 14 executive orders can be downloaded in CSV/Excel and JSON formats. More information about our APIs can be found on our developers page.

EO 13197: Governmentwide Accountability for Merit System Principles; Workforce Information

EO 13196: Final Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Ecosystem Reserve

EO 13195: Trails for America in the 21st Century

EO 13194: Prohibiting the Importation of Rough Diamonds From Sierra Leone

EO 13193: Federal Leadership on Global Tobacco Control and Prevention

EO 13192: Lifting and Modifying Measures With Respect to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro)

EO 13191: Implementation of the African Growth and Opportunity Act and the United States-Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act

EO 13190: President's Commission on Educational Resource Equity

EO 13189: Federal Interagency Task Force on the District of Columbia

EO 13188: Amendment to Executive Order 13111, Extension of the Advisory Committee on Expanding Training Opportunities

EO 13187: The President's Disability Employment Partnership Board

EO 13186: Responsibilities of Federal Agencies To Protect Migratory Birds

EO 13185: To Strengthen the Federal Government-University Research Partnership

EO 13184: Revocation of Executive Order 12834

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