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1998 William J. Clinton Proclamations view all Presidential Documents

In 1998, William J. Clinton published 84 proclamations .

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Proclamation Tables

Proclamation Tables contain information about Presidential Documents beginning with those signed by William J. Clinton and are arranged according to Presidential administration and year of signature. The tables are compiled and maintained by the Office of the Federal Register editors.

Wright Brothers Day, 1998
National Children's Memorial Day, 1998
Human Rights Day, Bill of Rights Day, and Human Rights Week, 1998
Death of Albert Gore, Sr.
National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, 1998
World AIDS Day, 1998
World Fisheries Day, 1998
National Great American Smokeout Day, 1998
Veterans Day, 1998
National Adoption Month, 1998
National American Indian Heritage Month, 1998
United Nations Day, 1998
National Character Counts Week, 1998
White Cane Safety Day, 1998
National School Lunch Week, 1998
Leif Erikson Day, 1998
Fire Prevention Week, 1998
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 1998
National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, 1998
Gold Star Mother's Day, 1998
National Farm Safety And Health Week, 1998
National POW/MIA Recognition Day, 1998
Citizenship Day and Constitution Week, 1998
National Hispanic Heritage Month, 1998
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Week, 1998
Minority Enterprise Development Week, 1998
America Goes Back to School, 1998
Death of Lewis F. Powell, Jr.
Women's Equality Day, 1998
Victims of the Bombing Incidents in Africa
Designating Klondike Gold Rush International Historical Park
Designation of American Heritage Rivers
National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, 1998
Captive Nations Week, 1998
50th Anniversary of the Integration of the Armed Services, 1998
To Modify Duty-Free Treatment Under the Generalized System of Preferences
Father's Day, 1998
Flag Day and National Flag Week, 1998
National Homeownership Week, 1998
To Facilitate Positive Adjustment to Competition From Imports of Wheat Gluten
Small Business Week, 1998
National Alternative Fuels Week, 1998
Death of Barry M. Goldwater
Prayer For Peace, Memorial Day, 1998
National Maritime Day, 1998
World Trade Week, 1998
National Safe Boating Week, 1998
Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week, 1998
Older Americans Month, 1998
Loyalty Day, 1998
Law Day, U.S.A., 1998
Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, 1998
National Day of Prayer, 1998
Jewish Heritage Week, 1998
National Park Week, 1998
Child Health Day, 1998
National Volunteer Week, 1998
National Crime Victims' Rights Week, 1998
National Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Week, 1998
National Recall Round-Up Day, 1998
Pan American Day and Pan American Week, 1998
National D.A.R.E. Day, 1998
National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day, 1998
Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A., 1998
National Equal Pay Day, 1998
National Child Abuse Prevention Month, 1998
Cancer Control Month, 1998
National Poison Prevention Week, 1998
National Older Workers Employment Week, 1998
Women's History Month, 1998
American Red Cross Month, 1998
Save Your Vision Week, 1998
American Heart Month, 1998
Year of the Ocean, 1998
Religious Freedom Day, 1998
National Defense Transportation Day and National Transportation Week, 1998
Mother's Day, 1998
National Farm-City Week, 1998
To Terminate Temporary Duties on Imports of Broom Corn Brooms
National Day of Concern About Young People and Gun Violence, 1998
National Disability Employment Awareness Month, 1998