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Digitizing the U.S. Statutes at Large

The Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) has authorized GPO to digitize pre-electronic editions of the United States Statutes at Large. As the publisher of the Statutes, the OFR has been exploring the possibility of adding to the limited set of Statutes books currently available on, in cooperation with GPO. The JCP letter is posted here.

Several months ago, we viewed a set of GPO test files and we were impressed with the quality of digital images captured by the Library of Congress.  OFR will work with GPO to ensure this material is properly integrated into FDsys (including search tools) and that it satisfies our evidentiary standards.  Presenting and preserving the Statutes at Large as incontrovertible evidence of the law is extraordinarily important to us.

See:  §112. Statutes at Large; contents; admissibility in evidence

*** The United States Statutes at Large shall be legal evidence of laws, concurrent resolutions, treaties, international agreements other than treaties, proclamations by the President, and proposed or ratified amendments to the Constitution of the United States therein contained, in all the courts of the United States, the several States, and the Territories and insular possessions of the United States.