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About e-CFR & the GPO Access Shutdown

James Madison and GPOThe Law Librarian Blog (LLB) has questions about the impending GPO Access shutdown, and we have answers.

The LLB asks, … what’s up with the e-CFR?  The link on the FDsys page links back to, ah, GPO Access.  Will this be transitioned by next week?  I ask as it is a really useful resource.

Fear not, LLB. Yes, the venerable GPO Access warhorse is heading out to pasture permanently on March 16, 2012. But e-CFR is still in harness — it’s not going anywhere for now.  The usual GPO Access links to the e-CFR will continue to function after the rest of GPO Access goes dark.

Yes, we know this is confusing, but it’s due to the nature of the beast. We could not migrate the unique e-CFR platform to FDsys, nor could we move it to a non-GPO Access URL before the shutdown. So for now, you can rely on the current links or get to e-CFR by typing a simplified URL into your browser —  The URL will still end up resolving to a GPO Access address, but at least it’s easier to remember.

The OFR and GPO are working on better solutions. We have a project we call the “Interim e-CFR.” In the next few months, we will update the e-CFR’s software code, stabilize the platform to prevent outages, and improve the search engine. We will also establish a new URL that does not contain “GPO Access” and will be very easy to remember.

Beyond that, planning for the next generation of CFR products is well underway. For want of a more alluring name, we are calling this project “CFR 2.0.” We will create a new data platform to serve as a hub for all CFR editions — a point-in-time system for the currently updated e-CFR (a compilation of CFR text and Federal Register amendments updated daily); the annual online editions; and printed volumes for desk reference and library use.