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Reader Aids help people use and understand the federal rulemaking process. Reader Aids information is not published in the Federal Register.

Improved Subscription Management Now Available

Over the past couple of months we’ve been working towards updating and enhancing our email subscription process; so we’re excited to introduce you to the features we’ve recently rolled out to the public, improved emails and subscription management. This post will cover the new subscription management feature, you can read more about our improved emails here.

Subscription Management

We get a lot of great feedback on how to improve and we love being able to respond to those requests. As such we’re excited to get subscription management into your hands. We’ve always made it easy for you to unsubscribe to anything from but it’s been a bit more difficult to see everything that you’ve subscribed to and its current status.

That’s no longer the case. Starting with this release you can now sign into your MyFR account see all your subscriptions in one place. And if you don’t have an account? Simply create an account with the same email address as we send your subscriptions to and we’ll link everything up automatically. Because we value your privacy we do require a one time confirmation of your MyFR email address.

And in the future whenever you subscribe to something new we’ll automatically add that subscription to your account. But that’s not all… When you visit your ‘My Subscriptions’ page – accessible from the main navigation under the ‘MyFR’ tab – you’ll see a list of all of your subscriptions. From this page you can suspend (or reenable) any of your subscriptions.

Additionally we’ve provided metadata about each of your subscriptions. You can now see the number of times we’ve delivered each subscription, the last date that documents matched your subscription (and thus triggered delivery), as well as a ‘sparkline’ graph of how often documents have historically (since 1994) matched your subscription terms! You can also click on the title of each subscription and view all documents that match that subscription via our search interface. From there you can refine and focus the search as needed.

We’re excited to make managing your subscriptions easier, and as we continually work to make meet your needs, we welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas. So please make use of the ‘Site Feedback’ tab on the side of every page on the site and let us know what’s on your mind.