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2nd Annual Federal Register Liaison Conference

The Office of the Federal Register held our 2nd annual Federal Register Liaison Conference on Thursday, June 5th at the McGowan Theater at the National Archives in Washington, DC.  Agency liaisons from throughout the federal government filled the theater and nearly a hundred more viewed the conference via ustream.

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OFR Director Charley Barth welcomed the liaisons with his opening remarks.

The Archivist of the United States, David Ferriero, also spoke of the important regulatory work of the Federal Register and its agency partners.  He also encouraged them to take time to view the exhibits at the National Archives.

The conference then began with a panel discussion with representatives from Department of Labor, Interior, and NOAA and OFR’s Moja Scott, Supervisor of the Scheduling Unit. The topics ranged from agency regulatory processes to adoption of digital submission to ideas on how to improve the Document Drafting Handbook.  There was also an opportunity for questions and answers from the attendees to the panel.
Aaron Woo, Director of Information Services and Technology Divison of the Federal Register then introduced, for the first time, the new digital submission portal that will go live June 23, 2014.


The new portal includes a number of significant security upgrades as well as new features.  These include the ability to receive immediate feedback on the success or failure of a submitted document, a history lookup that includes the FR document number once it has been scheduled, and who sent which document and when.  Users will also be able to reset their own password via the web portal. Conference attendees were also able to set up initial accounts so that when the new portal is live, they will immediate be notified and be able to start submitting via the new portal.


Other speakers included Jim Bradley from the Government Printing Office, Ed Cottrill from eRulemaking PMO, and Kathy Sinniger from Department of Transportation.  Mr. Cottrill highlighted the uses and benefits of and in the agencies’ regulatory processes.  Mrs. Sinniger discussed the importance retrospective review of rulemaking.

The ultimate goal of these conferences is to connect and communicate with our agency partners.  All of the agency liaisons face similar challenges and these conference are an opportunity for them to share their successes and learn from their failures. It affords OFR an opportunity to find out what our agency partners need to meet their statutory requirements. We will continue to hold these conferences annually and perhaps expand the format.  Some suggestions were to add breakout sessions specifically for writing regulations, discussing digital submission of documents, and the use of the Document Drafting Handbook.

The entire video of the conference is available at

Part I:

Part II:

Presentation materials can be downloaded here:

PKI Presentation by Aaron Woo: 2014 IS&T Liaison Conf PKI Presentation

PKI FAQ by Office of the Federal Register: PKI FAQfinal

FDMS and by Ed Cottrill: FDMS OverViewPresentation June 2014

Retrospective Regulatory Review by DOT’s Kathy Sinniger: USDOT Retrospective Review Presentation