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During the funding lapse, is not being supported. If data feeds are not available from GPO, will not be updated, so please use the official edition of the Federal Register on Govinfo ( If there is a technical issue with the Public Inspection List, you can view the documents on public inspection at our office in Washington, DC or on

Using FederalRegister.Gov

Reader Aids

Reader Aids help people use and understand the federal rulemaking process. Reader Aids information is not published in the Federal Register.

Each day Federal agencies publish documents in the Federal Register, including proposed rules, final rules, public notices, and Presidential actions. The print-based, official format of the Federal Register displays information in a dense format (3-column PDF) that makes it difficult to read and to process regulatory data in meaningful and innovative ways. This unofficial, HTML (XML-based) format of the Federal Register on overcomes the technical limitations of the official PDF format and demonstrates how an alternate format can effectively convey regulatory information to the public.

On this website, we display documents published in the Federal Register using HTML display and hyper-text links to pertinent information referenced in Federal Register documents. In the future, we will ask that the Administrative Committee of the Federal Register grant official status.

Reader aid items in this section