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Reader Aids

Reader Aids help people use and understand the federal rulemaking process. Reader Aids information is not published in the Federal Register.

This section of our Reader Aids is designed to help you accomplish specific tasks on and to gain a deeper understanding of all the tools available.

Reader aid items in this section

  • Using Complex Search Terms

    This interactive document introduces you to advanced options for searching and allows you to explore them as you learn.

  • Saving Documents for Later allows users to save documents for later use via a MyFR feature named ‘clippings’. Documents can be clipped from either the document’s page or from search results. To clip an item look for the flag icon. A simple click on the flag icon with add the document to your clipboard. A MyFR account is … Continue reading “Saving Documents for Later”

  • Linking to

    If you are referencing documents on you can link to them in a number of different ways depending on the document and your preferred pattern. These various patterns are explained below with examples. Linking to Federal Register documents can be cited in a variety of ways; it may be convenient to link to FR … Continue reading “Linking to”