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Unified Agenda 0970-AC36

Revised Head Start Performance Standards, Target Population, and Slot Conversion


This proposed rule would modify Head Start program performance standards, as necessary, to reflect changes enacted in the Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007. Changes could affect performance standards related to health, parental involvement, nutritional and social services, transitional and other services, education performance standards and measures, and standards related to family service workers, home visitors, and the condition and location of facilities. As required by statute, regulations will be drafted following consultations with experts and consideration of the National Academy of Sciences study on Developmental Outcomes and Assessments for Young Children. The proposed rule also will address provisions: (1) Allowing grantees to request conversion of Head Start slots to serve additional infant and toddler age children; (2) focusing on children with disabilities; and (3) removing barriers to serving homeless children.


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