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Unified Agenda 2120-AA64

Airworthiness Directives


This rule would provide for the issuance of Airworthiness Directives (AD´s) as needed to address any unsafe condition in a type certificated product, if that unsafe condition is likely to exist or develop in products of the same type design. Airworthiness Directives are legally enforceable rules that apply to the following type certificated products: aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers, and appliances. Part 39 of CFR title 14 requires each operator of a product affected by an AD to comply with the terms of the AD, to continue to operate that product. The AD may mandate operational limitations, maintenance, or alterations for the affected product. The vast majority of routine and frequent ADs are nonsignificant. Total actions expected--550. 10/00/2013--10/00/2014.


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