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Unified Agenda 2126-AB11

Carrier Safety Fitness Determination


This rulemaking would revise 49 CFR part 385, Safety Fitness Procedures, in accordance with the Agency´s Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) initiative. CSA is an operational model FMCSA implemented that is designed to help the Agency carry out its compliance and enforcement programs more efficiently and effectively. Currently, the safety fitness rating of a motor carrier is determined based on the results of a very labor intensive compliance review conducted at the carrier´s place of business. Aside from roadside inspections and new entrant audits, the compliance review is the Agency´s primary intervention. Under CSA, FMCSA would propose to implement a broader array of interventions, some of which allow FMCSA to make contact with more carriers. Through this rulemaking FMCSA would establish safety fitness determinations based on safety data from crashes, inspections, investigations, and violation history rather than just the standard compliance review. This will enable the Agency to assess the safety performance of a greater segment of the motor carrier industry with the goal of further reducing large truck and bus crashes and fatalities.


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